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Product Testimonials (Acid Reflux)

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Sample product testimonials from our friends at


I just wanted to let you know I love your products and have used zeolite for de-toxing.  My mother is 89 and has half of her stomach in her chest – a large hiatus hernia – and surgery would kill her at her age.  The acid reflux from this caused her to cough all the time, you could not even talk to her on the phone….many doctors later and a diagnosis of chronic bronchitis and emphysema and acid reflux ….3 doctors told her there is nothing they could do but take her acid reflux meds and that is all. Well I decided after a recent testimonial on acid reflux to order her some zeolite with strict instructions to take it every 6 hrs and lots of water. I got to tell you one bottle…yes 1 bottle later and there is NO COUGH….this is truly amazing…and she is every so grateful to even be able to sleep thru the night and talk on the phone. I am now placing another order to keep her on this and my boyfriend with MS was so impressed he said he would give it a try…men are so hard to convince. PS –  my mothers arthritis in her shoulders has started to improve. Thanks for this miracle in a bottle…it really is. I just wish more people would give it a try could change their lives. Sandra  from PA


Hi.  My name is Linda and I use liquid zeolite. I, for years, have had a problem with acid reflux and been on a prescription called Acidflex to help me with it. Ever since I have been on the zeolite my acid reflux has completely gone away and I no longer have to take the prescription.  do take a lot of this company’s other products, which I greatly love and they have improved my health a lot. I love the company and I love the products. Thank you.


It all started 28 years ago when I became pregnant. The old saying “Oh you have heartburn because your baby has lots of hair”. Well after the baby was born my heartburn did subside. Then two years later I was pregnant again and the heartburn started again. I was relieved again for several years. After some time the symptoms started again and this time they were getting worse. I started on Tums, Rolaids, etc. This seemed to help solve the problem for years.

As I got older the symptoms got exceedingly more frequent and severe. I would wake up in the middle of the night where I could not get my breath, I felt as though I was suffocating for air. The acid was so severe it would make me regurgitate everything I had eaten. Instead of one or two tablets like the directions called for I was up to 4 to 6 tablets every hour. I would get relieve and feel better. Now the pills were not helping only throwing up everything would relieve the pressure and nauseating feeling. I was getting to the point I did not want to eat because I was afraid of the symptoms that were to follow. I could not go through the agony.

One day my husband told me about zeolite. I immediately told him I would like to try it. Trust me when you have been through what I’ve been through I wanted to try everything except a doctor. Because I was afraid they would find everything wrong except what was ailing me. I am very stubborn this way. You get to a point that you will just about try anything for relief. So the zeolite came in and immediately I tried it. I am still at 10 drops 3 times a day and my acid reflux is dissipating. I immediately found relief the first day.

After a week my assistant, who works with me, who should know me after 3 years told me my mood was even milder. We started reading the bottle: *Helps remove heavy metals, toxins and other substances from the body. *Supports a healthy immune system. *Helps level pH levels in the body. There you go this has to be it. I have been relieved of severe acid reflux. I stopped for about a week because of things that had happened in my life and immediately the acid reflux came back. When I take it faithfully it is a real life saver to me.  Now I tell everyone about this amazing product. I am still surprised that the little bottle and drops that look like water has had such unbelievable results for me.  Becky G.,  Kirtland N.M.


I have noticed a drastic change in my heartburn. After the first day I took zeolite I was already feeling better. Right then and there I was won over. Before, I would get acid reflux and pain from many foods, not just the foods that I’m not supposed to eat. Sometimes things like tomato sauce or pizza would give me heartburn as it was going down. Non-acidic foods like bananas or vegetables would come up as acid after I ate them.  After taking 3 drops of the zeolite 3 times a day, NO FOODS GAVE ME HEARTBURN unless I laid down right after eating them. Last night I ate 2 Taco Bell burritos and laid down right afterwards, and experienced heartburn. I took zeolite and it decreased the pain and burning feeling slowly.  I woke up feeling fine. Normally I would wake up feeling nauseous if I ate too soon before going to bed. I can feel zeolite de-acidifying my stomach. I believe long term use of this product, combined with a healthy diet, will heal my esophagus and keep me disease free.  Bodhi ,  HI


“In 1975, when I was 17 years old, I was taken to the Doctor by my parents to be tested for a burning sensation in my throat and chest. I was taken through a series of tests, which concluded with an upper GI test. I was told at that time that I should begin taking an antacid such as Maalox several times a day and not to eat Italian or Mexican foods, and to stay away from fast food restaurants. (Tell that to a 17 year old). Within a couple of years I discovered Rolaids and then I found Tums. They were my life saver. I have taken Tums for the last 27 years. Every pair of pants I own, has a roll of Tums in the pocket. I purchased Tums by the 100 count bottle. My wife has a special Tums container in her purse just in case I misplace mine or run out and because I very often would have to deal with terrible heartburn in the middle of the night, I actually would place a couple of Tums on the edge of my dresser before going to bed.

My Doctor has repeatedly informed me that I needed to be on an acid reflux prescription. After searching for an alternative to starting the eventual journey to a hand full of prescriptions a day, I was told about liquid zeolite. I received my first bottle of liquid zeolite on December 24 and began taking it three times a day, three drops at a time. At that time I had half of a roll of Tums in my pocket. Today that half roll of Tums sits on my microwave. I have eaten Tacos, Buffalo Hot Wings, Baked Spaghetti, Pizza, and of course an amazing Christmas Dinner just 18 hours after starting the drops of liquid zeolite.  I have not needed or taken another Tums since I started with zeolite.” – Mark T. –  Michigan


I have pretty symptomatic GERD (gastric reflux disease).  I have DEFINITELY noticed a change since I’ve started using zeolite (about 3 weeks ago).  I still take one of the anti-reflux medicines, but have been able to back off from the other one. (Zantac, but have been able to back off from 20 milligrams Prilosec daily.)  I am excited! Lisa, Tulsa, OK


I received a sample bottle of the zeolite at the beginning of July and have been “rationing” it by taking only 3 drops once a day vs the recommended 3 times a day until the product begins shipping in August. I suffer from esophageal reflux a pouch in the esophagus that can collect food. I heard that zeolite has been effective in reducing gastric reflux – it dawned on me that I have not been having the frequency of reflux issues! I cannot wait to get my product next week so I can begin taking the recommended dosage. Based on the results to far, I am convinced it will virtually eliminate my reflux issues. Thanks for bringing such a product to market. –  Bob H.


My name is Pete.  I’ve been on a product line now for 5, almost 6 months.  I initially got on it at the urging of a good friend.  Actually, several months of urging.  I immediately saw effects in terms of my gastric reflux which I suffered from for years.  Had surgery to try to correct it.  It still didn’t work.  Within a few weeks on this I greatly improved to the point now where I’m on no medication whatsoever, so that made me a believer.   But then, a surprising benefit was that I’ve been zurtec for almost 8 years now, and decided just kind of cold turkey to get off it since I was taking zeolite and some of the other products.  And now I have very little in terms of allergy symptoms.  Living here in  Columbia you’ve got tremendous opportunities for allergies.  Although I may get itchy eye occasionally or a little bit of sneezing, it’s nothing compared to what it was.  I’m totally off the medication so it’s a great thing to be in this place and not have to deal with prescriptions anymore.


I’ve had severe acid reflux for years. I am also prone to hiccups prompted by the acid reflux. Believe it or not I have been hiccupping for the past five months with little or no relief. I started with zeolite last week and haven’t hiccuped since! — HN  San Clemente


“My name is Andy out of  Colorado Springs, Colorado. My background was U.S. Army for ten years in reconnaissance.  I spent many of those years in combat zones which were in a toxic environment. I had acid reflux and high blood pressure for about four and a half years, until I was taking the zeolite,  a  daily nutrient, and a mushroom product  And within a week of taking those products, my blood pressure went down quite a bit.  It got me off my prescription, and my acid reflux is completely gone after 4 ½ years of throwing up almost every day, 5 – 7 times a week, not being able to eat breakfast.  I’m now back to normal thanks to these products.  Thanks.”


“Good morning.  I would like to give a product testimonial for the zeolite product.  It’s been very helpful to my family.  In my situation, I suffer from acid reflux, and since taking the product  I have not had to take my prescription drugs.  I have wonderful relief as far as the acid reflux.  My husband suffers from sinus infections and he has not had one visit to the doctor since November  (and it is now July) all because of this product.   It is also because of these products we decided to grow a business and my husband and I have been working a business since January, and  we have about 300 distributors working with us now,  and it has given us additional income, and we are just thrilled. Thank you.“

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