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Product Testimonials (ADD & ADHD)

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I’m 33 years old. I have had ADD all my life which I’m guessing was caused in part by the fact that I was born DOA. My mother tells me I was not talking by the time I was in kindergarten and only starting to speak by half way through the first grade. About ten years ago I went through a series of tests by the state of Utah health department.

My case was declared to be in the top 5% of the worst cases of ADD in the entire state. I have had great difficulty concentrating enough to read or retain much at all. It has always felt like I was trying to think through a thick fog: you know the kind where you can’t seey our hand in front of your face? Just two weeks ago my whole family started on the special liquid zeolite. 

I started on 60 drops/day. In just the first couple of days, I could feel this tingling sensation in my brain. It started on the right side at the back and spread over the course of that first week to the front, across to the left side, down to the neck and finally to the left in the back until it felt like my whole brain was kind of buzzing. Now I can read, understand and retain on the first or second attempt where before it was 5 or 6 attempts and sometimes I couldn’t get it at all and had to ask someone else.

Last week on Thursday, so just 6 days on the drops, I finally had a breakthrough on an issue at work that I’d been fighting with for the previous two weeks. That morning after rereading the notes, I figured out what was the problem, wrote and sent a step by step instructional email and was done with it all in less than 20 minutes. It was as if the hold on my brain was released. And that thick mental fog has lessened to a fine mist. Though still not crystal clear, I can now think through things and follow my own thoughts without losing them. It’s made a tremendous difference for me especially at work and made reading for leisure actually pleasurable.

I’ve also noted that I don’t get distracted as easily (which is huge for ADD) and I can return to what I was doing without feeling like I need to start completely over on the task at hand.

We’re also seeing amazing and rapid improvements in our two sons who are both on the autism spectrum. The elder, Jaron, who is 12 years old, started losing his speech shortly after being given his 12 month immunizations which included the MMR. 

After a couple of days of adjusting the dosage, he started adding words like “a,” “an” and “the” among other connective words into his sentences. His speech is flourishing in ways we weren’t sure would ever happen.

The other night, when my wife sent our younger two children to bed, Tandon (our middle child) complained that he wanted to stay up.  She told him, “You did stay up: it’s 9:40, now go to bed.” “But what about Jaron?” (We were pretty sure Jaron wasn’t paying attention as he had headphones on and was playing on the computer.)  “Jaron is old enough to let him stay up till 10,” to which Jaron responded in perfect clarity and pronunciation, “Oh, thank you, Mom. I appreciate it.”  We didn’t know he even knew the word “appreciate,” let alone what it meant and how to use it!  And to have him roll out with the whole thing from the middle of nowhere?  Our jaws hit the floor completely stunned!

Tandon seems to be sleeping better and deeper which is a great thing on its own. He has started pausing on his own to think about what he’s trying to say before saying it (especially when it’s something he wants which is where we were getting the most stuttering/echolalia). Lastly, he has a much longer fuse before he gets angry and returns to being happy much more quickly after having gotten angry than before.

All this in less than 2 weeks. – Wayne B. –  Oregon


I have struggled with ADD my whole life.  The list is long of what I went through as the resulted of being impulsive and having my brain bounce around in my head like a ping-pong ball.  THAT HAS ALL CHANGED!  I cannot remember ever being so calm, focused and organized! I am getting projects done I have put off for years and years.  I love where I am today!   Jennifer, Seattle WA

ADD/ADHD and Autism

“Hi. My name is Cathleen.  I am a certified Homeopath. My practice is, and I live and work in  Rohnert Park , California . My practice is focused on treating children with ADD/ADHD learning disabilities and Autism, and since adding zeolite to the practice, along with classical homeopathy and nutritional support, I have found great results.  Just with the Zeolite alone, the de-tox process has been amazing in cases of Autism and with ADD/ADHD. I am so grateful to have been introduced to this product line.  Thank you.”


 Our 7 year old son has bad allergies and some signs of ADHD. We have been giving him 3 drops of of the liquid zeolite 2 times a day, which has helped both of his conditions. He loves ‘taking his drops.’ Thank you for this awesome all natural product.


My nephew has ADHD and he has gone from a “F” student to one that has much better grades because of  liquid zeolite. My mother has also seen significant results since using these products.


I joined this company in November 08′ and principally through the use of liquid zeolite drops my life has greatly improved. I used to take a popular product for my ADHD.  For the purpose of discussion I’ll simply call it factor.  This product from time to time would cause me stomach irritation.  Now with the zeolite drops I have kept high concentration and clarity levels without the stomach irritation. I also put the drops in my eyes twice a day and my eyes feel less tense, more relaxed and with no more burning sensation.  I also can see much clearer at night inside my security vehicle at my work site. Thank you!  Sincerely, John


For three years I took medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.  I was the Executive Director for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Inc.  My chapter covered nine counties and I found the medication helped me to stay on top of the many responsibilities and demands of this incredibly wonderful organization.  The only downside was that there was a 3 to 4 hour window when the medication was at its peak and then the let down period began. Problem was that many of my days lasted 9 and 10 hours.

I was introduced to the zeolite product and the daily nutrients in March of 2007. I had ceased taking my medication nine months earlier, to just give my body a chance to clean out. I never did think taking prescription medication for long periods was a good thing. Within one week of taking those two supplements I found myself in a state that was almost euphoric.  I felt energized, had a sense of clarity and well-being and the best part was it didn’t just last 3 to 4 hours. There was no “let-down” feeling, no afternoon slump and no caffeine-type jitters. I attribute my reaction to the fact that I had begun to clear my body of the toxin’s that I didn’t even realize had been affecting it and ingesting more nutrients than I ever had before, with my sporadic use of taking vitamin pills. I am as passionate about this company and how it can attribute to everyone’s health as I was about the joy Make-A-Wish brought to seriously ill children. I know from this experience that I will never have to go on medication for my ADD, again, and that I will continue keeping my body clean, healthy and focused with the natural products this company has to offer.


“Hi, this is Greer. We’re fromHarrells ,  North Carolina and we have been taking the zeolite product since September – all of us in our household. My daughter is in first grade.  She has some ADD – not the hyperactivity but a little bit of a concentration issue that comes along with her ADD.  Since we’ve been on the product she has made a tremendous turnaround as far as completing her work in school and getting her work in to her teacher in a very timely manner.  So, we should see a big difference in Morgan’s grades.

And again, my name is Greer.  We’re from  Harrells ,  North Carolina , and my daughter, who is in first grade, is making a tremendous come-back with her grades and stuff and her teachers can definitely tell it.”


Here is our personal testimony about Laura Jean . . . Tuesday, January 6, 2009 A Miracle at Our House  Have you ever felt that there was something beautiful locked up in your special needs child? Have you ever wished there was some magic potion or just prayer that could normalize the brain chemistry so the mind could be accessed?

Twelve years ago, when Laura Jean arrived in our home at 10 hours old, we thought she couldn’t be more perfect even though her birth mother had mental illness as a result of drug & alcohol abuse. It took just a few months to realize that this little doll was either extremely strong willed or damaged psychologically. By 3 or 4 she was so defiant we were at our wits end. At age 6, I started home schooling her. She was so distracted and unable to focus that I literally sat beside her and pointed out each problem so she could stay on task. Her two birth brothers were also part of our family and had various attention and anger issues. At age 9, while seeing a counselor, we learned that Laura had severe (85%) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder.) At least that explained why her behavior was so obnoxious and disruptive! ADHD is usually inherited and we have three siblings with it. Our home has gradually become a war zone, chaotic, and highly dysfunctional. Laura screams several times daily, especially when she is over focused and doesn’t want to transition into the next event or area. They all kick, hit, poke, annoy, and create tension constantly. However, Laura has been the least capable of controlling herself or being reasonable. She is angry all the time and thrives on verbal fighting.

Laura was getting worse everyday. I was exhausted with her abnormal sleep patterns, and we were all sleep deprived. She would stay up to 10:30 PM, or 11:30 PM sometimes 12:30 AM before she could go to sleep. Our family was failing and nothing was working? There seemed no hope except maybe putting her on drugs so we could have a life.

Then someone mentioned a new product that cleans toxins out of your body. We looked at the website and discovered a testimony on ADHD. It was transformational, and we were desperate. Within a couple weeks we got our first shipment of ZEOLITE. At first we gave her the usual 9 drops daily plus a sleep product. The sleep product was amazing. Instead of restlessly defying sleep for 2-3 hours each evening, she was asleep in 20-30 minutes. We were told to up her dosage to 30 drops/day for the first month. Within a couple days, the miracle happened. Almost suddenly, Laura was calm. She was smiling, enjoying family games. When asked to do something, she complied. She didn’t bug anyone to the point of exasperation any more. She wasn’t bouncing off the walls in the evening. For the first time in years, she actually obeyed instead of doing the opposite of whatever she was asked. Could this be the same child? Was I dreaming? 

Now, six days later, we are learning absolutely everything we can about liquid zeolite. How does it work? Is it scientific? What else does it do?  We are learning that the body heals itself once the toxins are eliminated. So, we heard testimonies last night about arthritis, autism, asthma, epilepsy and real bad bouts of seizures, cancer, visual problems, etc. So many people’s bodies are healing themselves once the toxins are out!

“For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” Owen Arthur


“Hi.  My name is Kim.  I guess my testimonial – I’ve got a few – I’ll try to mention quick.  While I was at the Conference in the middle of March – about two weeks prior to that my wife D’arcy and my son Joshua both started on the daily nutrients and the zeolite.   And it was actually while I was at Conference that I talked to my wife D’arcy one night, and she said that my son’s teachers commented that he was almost completely different. 

They couldn’t believe the change he had made.  He was more involved in classroom participation, his homeroom teacher said.  And the math teach said he was getting his homework completed in school now and not having to bring it home.  And then his reading teach said he was the only one that got an ‘A’ on a reading test and normally he is a really good reader but he struggles with comprehension to remember, you know, for a test the next day.   So it’s kind of ironic they all had mentioned that this.  My wife is a school teacher as well, so they – all these three teachers had seen her in the hall at different times and had shared this with her, so she shared that with me while I was at the Conference.

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