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Product Testimonials (Arthritis)

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Sample product testimonials from our friends at


My name is Roberto from Florida.  I have had severe arthritis in my back for several years which caused me a lot of pain.   Since taking liquid zeolite for about a month now, the back pain is about 95% gone and I have avoided using those strong pain killers which were recommended to me. I am very happy about that.


Last year I broke my ankle shoveling snow.  When we finally figured out it was broken, the doctor told me I would be wearing the big ole black orthopedic boot until Christmas.  I had the test results.  The doctor told me I was developing a little arthritis and a little ‘Uncle Arthur’ in your feet.  So he was pushing for me to pay $350 for orthotics for my feet, and wearing this boot for the next six months, and I decided ‘I’m not going there’.

So I ordered in a pack of liquid zeolite and a whole bunch of a healthy aging product and I started doing 100 drops a day, hoping to strip out all of the nasty stuff in my feet and taking four doses of the 3 tablets a day of a healthy aging product.  I thought if I’m stripping all the bad stuff I want to fill it full of all the good stuff, and get over this problem faster rather than later.

So, I did that for six weeks and at the end of that six weeks I threw the boot in the garbage and I haven’t worn it since and I haven’t missed it in the least.  I am back to all of my regular activities all before they told me I’d even be out of the boot.  I walk with my dog three miles a day.  I have really no problems at all with something that they told me was going to be a major disability for a long, long, time to come.  – Sandra


I was introduced to a healthy aging formula quite by accident.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in both of my knees.  The arthritis occurred because of too much working out and too many lunges!  I am way too young to have these issues.  When I asked my orthopedist what I could do about this, he said “Ibuprofen”.  For the rest of my life?  I don’t think so.  I know that it is not good for my liver or my kidneys.  A new friend suggested I try a healthy aging formula.   After seven days; I had no pain in my knees.  For six months now I have no pain in my knees, my workouts are great, and my recovery from my workout is much quicker!


My grandmother of 86 yrs has been in failing health for the past 3 years.  She has emphysema, asthma and arthritis.  For the past eight months her ability to even walk across her apartment has been a struggle due to lack of energy, breathing problem and joint pain. She has literally not left her apartment except for an occasional doctor’s appointment in months. As my aunts and I would take care of her, the future seemed bleak.

On August 16th I visited her and shared a heart essentials product and the zeolite.  I gave her the information, asked her to read it and gave her the product.  I explained to her that trying it would not hurt her and if it helped it would be wonderful, but what did she have to lose?  It was all natural and I was giving it to her!

She began taking the zeolite right away and I spoke to her for the first time yesterday afternoon.  Her voice was GREAT!  Her exact words “Debbi, I FEEL WONDERFUL,  I do not know what this has done but I can breath, my energy level is back and in fact, sorry I missed your call earlier, but I went shopping at Wal-Mart!”

She said her ability to walk and her energy level had increased tremendously so please, order her more and she will pay for it this time. I have not heard this excitement from her in a long time!  Thank you zeolite for bringing life back into someone I love very much!  Debbi G.   Tulsa Oklahoma


“Hi.  My name is Mary.  My story starts with my husbands recurring prostate cancer.  After putting him on the zeolite product, his MRI came back cancer free.  The radiation, though, left him with severe arthritis and myopathy, which is nerve damage, which causes him to lose the loss of his legs.  After two weeks on the mushroom product and the healthy aging product, he is up and walking.  No more wheelchair or walker are needed.  We love this product and everyone should be on them.  Thank you.”


My name is Karen.  I was introduced to your product from a friend, and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid arthritis.  My friend sent me a bottle of the daily nutrients and I said “OK, I’ll try it.  I tried everything else.”  And I am now on the healthy aging product, and I have the zeolite, and the juice, and I’ve been on it for 6 weeks, and I feel better than I have in 5 years.  I am totally sold and excited.   I have become a distributor and I am really focusing on both feeling good and in the business.  Thank you very much for introducing me to this product.”


My 93 year old mother has had arthritis of the knee for years. It has been hard for her to get around and sleep at night. After being on the zeolite for just three days, she experienced relief from the pain and awakens in the morning pain free. She has been on numerous arthritis medications but nothing has worked except zeolite.”   Rose M.,  AL

ARTHRITIS (Osteoarthritis)

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME  Some of you know that I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. I started feeling bad in 2003 after Evie was born.

After being diagnosed with migraines, chondritis and pleurisy and tested for Lupus, MS and the Doctor telling me he was not seeing anything that would be causing my symptoms for almost 4 years he finally decided to send me to a rheumatologist.   Once I was diagnosed I started taking darvocet and muscle relaxers to control my pain. I was up to at least 2 darvocet and 1 muscle relaxer on a good day. I stayed in bed as much as possible being a mother of 3 and was getting worse and depressed. Last May I decided to go to work part time so I would be forced out of the house and off the couch.

Thankfully my position has not required me to work a set schedule or I never would have been able to keep the job. Some mornings I was not able to get together before noon due to the pain and fatigue. Taking a shower often required a nap. Of course our home, our children and even my ability to keep up with the bills have suffered. The brain gets a bit groggy on all those meds!!!!

My boss and dear friend introduced me to a company by giving me the product he thought would help me. I had the zeolite and a healthy aging product for about 6 weeks before I was serious about trying it. I started with zeolites and began to see improvement. So I added a healthy aging product and I have not had a Darvocet or Muscle Relaxer for nearly a month. I have much more energy, my house, the bills and MY Children are getting the attention they need and deserve. The laundry room actually has a floor!

Our crazy South Dakota weather has caused me some pain in the last couple days but I still have not had to take even an ibuprofen. Because of the pain I was often up 2 to 5 times a night which just added to the pain and fatigue cycle, then I tried a sleep strip. I get to sleep in 20 minutes and sleep until a child wakes me. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I can actually get the kids to school and daycare and be at work by 9:00 A.M. Now! And I feel like I actually could exercise!

My oldest son will normally spend up to 2 hours at bedtime complaining about this and that and has a hard time going to sleep. Of course he is then crabby in the morning. I give him 1/3 of a sleep strip and he is getting to bed and sleeping much better.   Yesterday a friend asked me about hysterectomies and hormone replacement. As I was telling her about it I realized that once I started a healthy aging product I quit having night time hot flashes. I have also noticed a large decrease in shoulder pain from my surgery in 2006.

I had no intention of becoming a distributor until I felt the results   I want to share this company and product with everyone!!! I know it works, its the best combination of science and nature out there!!!!!!

If you are interested in this company or the products PLEASE call me! It will change your Life now and Help you live longer and Healthier!!!!


ARTHRITIS (Rheumatoid)

“Pat, city of  Johnson Mills .  I have a 77-year-old mother with rheumatoid arthritis and after two months on the zeolite and the healthy aging product, she has been able to get out of bed on her own, and dress herself, and walking much better.  Prior to taking these natural products, she was unable to get around much.   She was in pain constantly.  And, so, since she has been on this she has been much better.  Thank you much.”


“Hello.  This is Mark from Lone Tree,  Colorado , using the healthy aging product.  I have severe arthritis in both shoulders.  For years was unable to ski or golf without pain, and unable to lift my baby daughter over my head.  When I started using this product, in a matter of a few weeks, the pain was going away.   Obviously, the arthritis hasn’t, but the pain has reduced to the point where I seldom have any pain, rather than almost always having pain.  It’s a great product.  Thank you.”

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