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Product Testimonials (Autism)

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Sample product testimonials from our friends at


We’ve often heard of the potential benefits of the special for children with autism. This testimonial from Waiora leader Elaine G., illustrates the big hope this little bottle may offer.

“It is always so rewarding when making a difference in someone’s life, for me especially a child. Noah is a 12 year old with autism. His parents understand the importance of getting rid of toxins and especially heavy metals, so they were open to hearing about NCD. He started slow, and after just the first few days, they noticed his eyes were more focused and not drifting. In just 3 weeks, he is back riding his bicycle that he hasn’t rode for years. Imagine what is in store for him!”


My son Dylan 4, has autism. He was diagnosed before the age of 2 years. What a challenge or lives have been.

I was given some zeolite for him to try which has been great! I noticed changes in him within a week. Talking, eating, sleeping, drinking more water, has improved alot. He deals with big crowds better and the best thing is he POOPS more regular he was always constipated and he even goes on the potty. YEAH!! We never thought that would happen.

I did take my son off the zeolite for a couple weeks. I remember my mom saying “you have to put him back on I see the difference, we will figure out a way to buy this stuff.  The price is worth all the things my son has improved on.

His Dr. even said if he is doing well and to keep giving it to him. He did not see any reason why not to give it to him, as it is all natural products.

My son is even in a 4k setting this year and at the beginning of last year we did not see that happening. I remember getting the call from the teacher saying we are putting him in 4k with all the other kids. I instantly started crying, I was so happy

Liquid zeolite has been a great product for my son and we plan to continue using it.

He is currently taking 4-5 drops 3x a day of zeikute and 1 shot of daily nutrients also 2 drops of a mushroom product 2x a day — (from Tammy R)


A friend of mine, knowing that I was a Vietnam Veteran that has PTSD,  said that liquid zeolite should help me with the issues that I had and that I should really try the product and give it a chance. And so I did!, and I am so happy that I did, because it has literally given me my life back, it has helped me so much that I just knew that it would help my grand-daughter who was diagnosed with Autism, sure enough almost immediate results took place, that my daughter was called to meet with the teacher that takes care of the autistic children where my grand-daughter goes and was told of the amazing changes in her child.


My brothers two grandsons with autism are coming out of their autism over the last year.  They’ve been on the zeolite consistently during this time.  Both boys, after 2 weeks of being on the product, instead of just being able to put a word here and there, maybe a couple of words together, they were able to put sentences together.  The youngest one over the last summer was able to come off his seizure medication and has not had an episode of seizure since then.  He’s been doing great.  He was able to go in school this year, where he was not able to go in school before because the schools couldn’t handle him due to his violence.  He’s in school this year.  The teachers love him.  He’s focusing.  And his grandmother just said the other day that she and he were in the car and he was actually having a conversation with her for the first time.

The oldest boy, who is eight this year, has been in diapers.  He’s doing really well in school this year after being on the zeolite.  The teachers are just thrilled.  They are actually wanting him to go into regular school next year.  We were afraid that he would be made fun of because of wearing diapers, but for the last month and a half he has been going to the restroom and not using his diapers.  So we are really excited that over the summer he’ll time to just get rid of those and then he won’t be made fun of.  So, we are just absolutely blessed.


My son Brandon is 10 years old and has Autism, even though it’s only a mild case…it can still be very trying. In my path of discovering that he was going to need more than the average child, I was (and still am) searching high and low to help him overcome the Autism typicalities (mentally and physically ). After taking him to homeopaths, traditional medical, neurological and naturopathic doctors…I was wearing thin on ‘what is going to give’. Taking aggressive measures to help with his diet, socializing him and keeping him active was a great start. With all the vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and fish oil…the thing I realized he needed the most was the one that I overlooked…minerals.

I started him on liquid zeolite and after a month…he seemed more present, not so distant like he was visiting outer space. When I had taken him to the Bodies exhibit he asked ‘Mom, where are we going?’ So I told him and he said that we had been there before. ‘No we have not…I would remember’ ‘Yes, we have mom…remember, it was for the Walk for Autism last year’. I nearly about missed my turn when I realized he was right.

After Brandon being on the drops for 3-4 weeks the Naturopathic Doctor (who I’ve come to love and respect so much…a real ANGEL!) told me to keep him on the drops AND to increase the dosage. WOW! And in his testing the drops had not only shown up as “doing their job” as a positive, but the vaccines I had been working on removing from his system…WERE FINALLY GONE!!!!!! You couldn’t have slapped the smile off my face…it was a miracle! The drops are here to stay!

I believe my son is one of many who will be functionable when important people in his life show him how to take care of himself. I believe also that this is only the beginning of treating this complex condition that we call Autism.


Three and a half years ago, when I started with these product, I was taking care of a couple of autistic children in my daycare.  After speaking with their parents about the product, we put both boys on the liquid zeolite.  The younger of the two at the time was just starting kindergarten years at five and a half and at that time he was still in diapers.  He was completely non-verbal.  He was one of those kids who would be characterized as a rocker.  He couldn’t sit still or stop moving long enough even to eat.  It would take him 2 ½ hours to eat breakfast or lunch sometimes because he would take a bite and then be so distracted.  We’d have to come back to it.

Within the first two weeks of having him on the liquid zeolite, he was totally changed.   Something I’d been trying to do with this boy for 2 years.  It was over and done with and we were surprised at how quickly it got taken care of.  Into his school year, he started putting together three and four word sentences.  He started identifying all different kinds of shapes and colors.  He started doing things like building towers with blocks and not the kind of blocks that are interconnecting, but just free blocks that require concentration and balance, and things like that.  It was just amazing that after 6 weeks he started to laugh, which still impresses me so I can’t even tell you.

By the end of that school year, at the end of his kindergarten year, he went in for his evaluation through his program and they were so encouraged they put him into regular first grade classes with some time out for some speech therapy and some life skills training.  But he was actually entering regular first grade with a few time outs for some things to just help him catch up to his age group. 

Now a whole more year has gone by and he is in the second grade full time.  He is in the second grade without an autistic designation, and he is doing so well in math, he is actually doing third grade math because he finished all the second grade stuff and was bored.  He’s just done so fantastic.  – Sandra

I have a boy in my day care named Alex.   I have actually watched since he was two years old.  He is now 17.  In addition to being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, he was born with Down Syndrome and he’s completely deaf in one ear.  He has fairly normal hearing on one side and no auditory response on the other side.  They couldn’t even do an implant or anything to get any response.  The autism was almost like a nail in the coffin at the time.  His parents had tried everything and anything that came along.

After being on the liquid zeolite the change was just like night and day.

The timing was so perfect on the liquid zeolite because within a very, very short time frame he was participating in his new group in his first year of high school; he was very accepting of all the new people who were there to help him.  A month into it, his parents went in for their first teacher conference and took him with them.  Normally for that kind of a thing, he would just be off in a corner, or off totally in his own little world.  He sat at the table and participated in the teacher conference.  The teacher went on and on about how great he was doing.  He had learned to cook.  He had learned to do laundry.  He was so accepting of all the instructions.  He responding well to the program.

He’s developed this wonderful sense of fun.  – he goes to the home-coming dance.  He’s goes to football games.  He goes to basketball games.  He has a girlfriend.   He’s started in the Special Olympics Basketball program.  He taken trips that he never would have been able to do before because he wasn’t mature enough to be able to handle the changes in circumstances.-  Sandra.


My niece Monica has a little 7-yr-old boy who is autistic and could not control what she calls his “fits”.  When he has a melt-down, he bites, kicks, screams, hurts people around him and himself. She has finally had to make his room safe for himself as well as other people, and when he gets into one of those melt-downs he just has to go into his room.

He is not potty-trained.  He can’t tie his own shoes and doesn’t speak in anything more than just little snippets of words.  He goes to a regular school with Special Ed with an aid at all times.

After starting him on the product, things started getting better and better.  The “fits” started to subside and lessen in their intensity.  He was willing to do things that he had not been willing to do before, like come to the breakfast table and not have a screaming conniption fit before he got there.   His papers are coming home from school looking like someone else has been writing the words for him because there is such a huge difference in the way that the printing is on the paper.  He is able to speak more clearly, and it looks like a little light bulb is going off in his eyes when his mother talks to him, like he is trying to connect and is actually trying to follow what she is talking about.

Two weeks ago the Aide who usually worked with him one-on-one every single day was out ill, so he didn’t have anyone with him that day.  Normally, he sits at the desk and watches the teacher write the vocabulary words on the board, and is able, with the help of his Aide to write down two, maybe three words that the teacher is writing, while the other children are writing all of them down.  The teacher puts up ten on the board.  Without help, he had eight of them written down when the teacher finished ten. – Marla. 


My kids and I have been taking zeolite since June 2007. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. 

Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD-NOS, for short, is a condition on the spectrum that has those with it exhibiting some, but not all, of the symptoms associated with classic autism. That can include difficulty socializing with others, repetitive behaviors, and heightened sensitivities to certain stimuli. 

Liquid zeolite (along with other biomedical treatments) is doing wonders in recovering my son. The progress he has made in the last year and a half is nothing short of miraculous.


My daughter, April, has autism.  I’ve tried other supplements with her from other companies.  It was always stuff that had to be mixed in with a beverage or hid in food.  I never really noticed any results.

I was given some liquid zeolite for her to use, which was VERY easy to “hide” in her beverage.  She had some noticeable skin tags on her neck that had been there for at least 3-4 yrs.  A lady from another company told me that they were a sign that her body wasn’t getting everything it needed.  After 3 MONTHS on the liquid zeolite, the skin tags were GONE! 

After about nine months of use, we noticed an improvement in her cognitive understanding with language.  She gets 12 drops at breakfast & 12 at supper.


We as parents are very excited what Zeolite is doing for our daughter (Shania). Ann took it upon herself and sent us a bottle of Zeolite after I told her my daughter was diagnosed on October 28 2008 with Autism . We received our bottle of Zeolite on November 13 2008 at 2:00 and started at that time giving my Shania two drops and then two more before bedtime. After three days here is what we have discovered about Shania in JUST THREE DAYS 

  1. has stopped slapping herself.
  2. has stopped pushing and shoving her little brother 
  3. started hugging her little brother
  4. sitting very quiet and watching tv with eyes glued to tv 
  5. stopped running all through the house and screaming
  6. words are no longer slurred
  7. putting sentences together for the first time

These are really amazing trends in just three days.  Just a short note to let you know how Shania is doing . Thanks from the bottom of our hearts 


“Hi.  My name is Sarah.  I’m in  Burbany,  Illinois, and the product is zeolite.  I have a child who has been on it with autistic tendencies and asperger- related issues.  And he has come leaps and bounds while on this product.


“My name is John. I live in  Memphis, Tennessee.  My son, John, is 12 years old and he’s autistic.  He’s been on the zeolite now for about 8 months.  And what I can tell you is, he sleeps all night long, whereas he didn’t do that beforehand.  He has recently … more in class.  His instructor – he told me – he said ‘I don’t know what in the world that you guys are giving him, but whatever it is, you need to stick with it because his focus is better than it’s ever been.’  His appetite has increased a thousand per cent.  The processing time is a lot faster now than it used to be.  We’re still working on dosages and everything, but I’m telling you, this product has made the world of difference in my son.  Thanks.”


“Hi.  My name is Madeline.  My testimonial is about my little nephew, who is not yet two years old.  He had recurring ear infections and constant fevers, literally at least once every three weeks.  He also was having other – showing different symptoms, like not responding to his name and, kind of, like, having very erratic behavior, and being very aggressive and slapping and pinching and doing all kinds of strange things We were very worried about autism.  What we did, was, we put him on zeolite and we started three drops twice a day and built it up to five twice a day.  And he now, he is so responsive it is absolutely amazing.  He has no fevers, no ear infections, and he can count to over ten and he says all the colors and is using three-word sentences.  And he’s not even two.  So, we used this product and it is great.  Thanks.”


My son Cameron has been diagnosed as autistic since he was two year old and had stopped talking at that time. Cameron is now 6 years old and he is an affectionate, smart, playful boy. However, he continued to have problems communicating, and overall interacting with others. His school has been working with him and we had made some progress.  Cameron had difficulty sitting for long periods of time as well.  He had also had stomach problems where he would not eat or became constipated often. It is common in some autistic children to get a condition called leaky gut and although we never had him diagnosed for this, Cameron was displaying some symptoms by having various stomach issues.

We were introduced to zeolite through a friend and business associate, Don. He told us he had been using an all natural supplement that safely and effectively removes toxins from the body and he wanted us to try it because it had worked so well for him.  I immediately thought of Cameron because we knew that autism could be caused by metals or toxins in the body and since we believed this to be the case with Cameron we decided to try it not just for ourselves but for him.

Since taking the zeolite, (we started Cameron on 6 drops 3 times a day), we have been told that Cameron can sit for 45 minutes to do  class work, is talking more and interacting more with others.  He will repeat words back which is building up his vocabulary.  I can hardly keep up with the things he says now because he is observing and imitating the things he sees others do. As soon as he started taking the zeolite, his eating habits automatically improved.  Cameron has been known to be a pretty good eater so when he would not eat much or not at all on a particular day, we knew that something was wrong Before he would not really eat as much and even skip lunch at school sometimes. With the zeolite he has a healthy appetite again and no more stomach pains or problems.  We are so grateful to have been introduced to zeolite. Not only did Cameron not have any bad reaction to it, it is odorless and tasteless so we would put it in any drink or food without him knowing.  This worked out perfectly because Cameron is very sensitive to certain food texture and will not eat or drink anything that tastes “funny” to him. We really enjoy the product and will continue to use it for the overall health of Cameron and our family.  Thank you, Don Chester & Christine


Hi Simon, my son Joe was diagnosed with Atypical Autism when he was 4 years and 2 months old, it took 2 years to get a diagnosis. Joe didn’t talk, wouldn’t look you in the eye, he was in his own little world and had a short attention span, he had some autistic traits but not others.  When he was 2 years old we were told he had glue ear, so we thought that was why he wasn’t talking as his hearing was inconsistent, he had grommets fitted but it didn’t make any difference to his speech.

I found out about zeolites and read the information about liquid zeolite and decided to give it a try and because it is totally natural, I knew it couldn’t do any harm to my son.   So 3 months ago we started with the zeolite, then 6 weeks ago Joe started a new school for children with severe learning difficulties, he really enjoys going to school on the minibus, he has started to talk, just single words at the moment, eye contact is really good, his attention span is a lot longer and we get endless hugs and cuddles, he’s a really happy little boy. 

He isn’t on any other supplements or medication so I can only put the amazing change in him down to the Zeolite, in fact his teacher is surprised he is at a special school as he’s such a bright boy, but she never met him before he started taking the zeolite   Joe has just turned 5 years old.   I wish I had discovered Zeolite 2 years ago and I am recommending it to other parents of children with an ASD.   Mrs M F (UK)


Hi My Name is Katy and I am David’s Mom, David is a beautiful 17 year old with the mind of a 3 year old due to a bad batch of the DPT shot he received when he was nine months old. He was way ahead of schedule and was such a joy to our lives and within two weeks of the shot he was like a one month old baby again and remained that way for many years.  

He has a seizure disorder called Gennox Lasteau drop seizures, has literally hundreds of seizures a day and is severely developmentally delayed.  He has never been diagnosed with autism but has all the characteristics, he lines up his dishes, likes the area to have nothing on it but his dishes, he is repetitive in watching movies and listening to songs, he wants to watch them over and over again, and I know he has them memorized, he used to use key words to tell me what movie he wanted to watch Now he controls his own VCR and puts in whatever movie He wants to watch and sometimes we hear the same one for weeks on end!!! so the whole house has them memorized!!!!

I started David on liquid zeolite drops in May of last year and I notified his teacher to watch at school to see if he saw any significant changes.

David would have terrible tantrums, so much that I had tried for years to get help from the state to try and figure out what I was doing wrong as a mother to stop this from happening, and it was always the same result, you’re doing the best you can we don’t know how to help you!! 

I have to say that is the biggest thing I have noticed about the drops is his behavior is so much better.  He literally laughs at everything and says “that is so funny.”  He cracks us all up because he just seems to be enjoying his life the way I have always wanted him to.  

He started the drops the end of May and his birthday was July 1st so I called the teacher and we took cupcakes to the school for him and his classmates. As we walked in he said “That’s my Mom and my Ryan and my Nick and my aunt Debbie”  Then his teacher asked him if he would like white or chocolate and he said white cake please!  Debbie’s husband called and she put the phone up to his ear and he said Uncle Jim I’m having Cake!!! The teacher was very impressed by this because he was actually having a conversation! 

He answers questions appropriately now and is trying real hard to be more helpful. — Katy, Arizona 


A friend’s 3-year-old grand-daughter had the H1N1 flu mist up her nose then they gave her a DPT shot and then noticed she had missed one of her DPT shots so they gave her another one. Crazy huh?  She went into full blown autism, eyes rolling back in her head, stopped talking and wouldn’t let them put anything on her feet.  Kim called yesterday, she has been on liquid zeolite drops for 1 week and now her eyes are not rolling back in her head, she is talking again and they were able to put tennis shoes on her yesterday.  What a great story.  These drops are so amazing.

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