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Product Testimonials (Cancer)

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Sample product testimonials from our friends at


“On May 25th a friend of mine was given a grim diagnosis. On June 13th he started taking MegaDefense and the special liquid zeolite. He had a CT scan on July 25th and the doctor told him that the tumor in his pancreas had stopped growing and had stabilized. He was extremely excited by the news since the only thing he had been taking is MD and and the liquid zeolite, they hadn’t started any chemical treatments yet. It’s extremely rewarding to be involved with products of this magnitude and hearing results like this!” ~Susan J.


After having surgery in April (twice) and being diagnosed with a stage 4 disease, MegaDefense became available. Amazingly just 8 weeks later, when they reviewed my bloodwork, my Ca 125 was 10—at 35 to 40 they start looking for disease, so 10 was nothing short of a miracle. And the Ca19 test result was 1, while results below 7.5 are considered no visible signs. The CAT scan was also clear which was absolutely amazing. I did not have any radiation or chemical treatments what so ever. So MegaDefense, the special liquid zeolite and I are locked on and locked together for life.” ~Marcy L.


A friend in my down line just told me an interesting story. Her daughter’s boyfriend who is an Australian came to Japan and stayed at her home for a month.  He told that he had an esophagus cancer and right after coming back from Japan was committed to have surgery. She let him take NCD and MD. Recently she heard from him after he came back to Australia.  When he came back he went to the hospital and his doctor found his cancer had become very small.

The doctors were very surprised and asked what he had done in Japan. So he them showed NCD and MD.  The doctor was so interested in those products that he contacted Waiora by himself and ordered a large amount of those products. Finally the young man got a surgery but the surgery scale was much smaller than the planned one.


With all the new manufacturing I was wondering are we going to get the same great results. Today I had a phone call from a lady who some product with a family friend who has lung cancer and had no reduction in the tumor after many rounds of chemo.  Doctors said there was no point of any further chemo treatment.  She has no confidence in any natural therapy.  She confided that “my children think I’m going to get over this but I’m tired of it and ready to give up.” 1 month after starting the liquid zeolite she had another scan and guess what? The tumor is considerably smaller!!  -T. S.

CANCER (Multiple Myeloma)

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the fall of 2008 and enrolled in a multiple myeloma study at Scottsdale Mayo Clinic as we spend winter months in AZ.  I received an oral chemotherapy for a period of time and was then told by my doctor that the cancer was in remission.  However, he cautioned me that it would come back in 18-24 months.  I continued being followed each four months, either at Scottsdale Mayo Clinic or my MN Mayo-affiliated Oncologist in MN.

In late May, 2010, I visited with a former high-school student who told me about a special zeolite and I said I might like to try it if my Oncologist thought it would be alright.  I showed the information to my MN oncologist who said he had heard about it, didn’t know much about it, but it would be o.k. to use it.  I began using it in July and, by the end of the month was using 10 drops, three times per day.  When I visited my MN Oncologist in September, after using about six bottles of the product, he said “I really don’t need to see you any more, but keep your January, 2011 appointment”  at Scottsdale Mayo which I did.  I continued using another three bottles of the zeolite up to the Scottsdale Mayo appointment. 

I was quite concerned because, at this appointment, I was at the end of the 18-24 month period during which I had been told it would come back.  However, my appointment went well and concluded with my doctor saying, “Well, you’re not going to die from cancer!”  I have since had other follow-up appointments with my MN Oncologist and I just got results from my January, 2012 Scottsdale Mayo follow-up.  Again, I was told “Well, you’re not going to die from cancer!”  I asked how I am doing compared to others in their multiple myeloma study and I was told that I am very fortunate. I will continue with follow-up appointments each four months in MN and AZ .  For the record,  I turned 81 years of age in December and I am going out to play some golf!!

P.S.  My wife has a history of breast cancer several years ago and is also now using the special zeolite.  Neither of us has had our usual flu’s or colds since using it.  I have continued using a few drops every day.


Jim was diagnosed in Jan 2010 with cancer…he had tumors in many places…his largest was in his liver, and it was 4.6 cm…this is about the size of a large lemon.  He also has diabetes, and Hepititis B and C.  He is a pastor and a man of great faith as well.

He decided to use the special liquid zeolite, special daily nutrients and special mushroom product, and prayer, as his cancer treatment.  In just 3 weeks this largest tumor was down to 3.8cm…and others were smaller too.  By the end of June 2010 he was pronounced cancer free by his oncologist.  He has it all documented, Pet scans, etc

He had his one year reemission anniversary in June.  But that’s not all. His Hepatitis B titer is non-existent (this means that there is no sign of Hepatitis B in his body). .  And yesterday he called me to tell me he got a new Hepatitis C titer done and it is down from 4 Million to 2 Million.  And he is only using maintenance doses now on the products.

He credits his healing to God and to these products….to prayer, and his faithfulness to take the zeolite product 4 times a day, mushroom product twice a day, and nutrients once a day.  And we don’t care who gets the credit God or the company or both…we are just happy that he no longer has cancer.  We are grateful that his other health issues are also amazingly improved.

How can you not get passionate about this company when you hear stories like this!  I have been privileged to hear these stories on almost a daily basis for almost 5 years now.  As a health care provider, how can I ignore the power of these products?   I believe that someday the special zeolite product will be standard of care for detoxification/chelating of heavy metals.  I believe that someday everyone will carry it in their pocket or purse at all times.  The state of our polluted world requires it now.  And we cannot wait for governments and corporations to act…we need to pursue personal detoxification now.


Story from a distributor in Japan.  Her friend, who is an Australian came to Japan and stayed at her home for a month.  He told that he had an esophagus cancer and right after coming back from Japan was committed to get a surgery.  She let him take the special zeolite product and Mega Defense. Recently she heard from him after he came back to Australia.  When he came back he went to the hospital and his doctor found his cancer had become very small.

The doctors were very surprised and asked what he had done in Japan. So he showed them what he had been taking.  The doctor was so interested in those products that he contacted the company himself and ordered a large amount of those products.

Finally the young man got a surgery but the surgery scale was much smaller than the planned one.


I have had lung cancer 4 times, the first time in Feb 2002. I had part of my lung removed.  They got all of the cancer & I had no additional treatment. 

Three years later (Oct 2005) it returned. This time I had surgery at the Mayo Clinic. My local doctor would not operate because the tumor was to close to the main vein of the lung. I had chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor. The surgery got all the tumor. No further treatment after that.

In Feb. 2007, the cancer returned in the same place. I did not have enough lung capacity (only 24 %) to have another surgery. I also learned I have emphysema in the other lung, so I had radiation at the Mayo Clinic. The tumor was gone after treatment. Jun. 2008 the cancer returned again. I had  radiation treatments at the Mayo Clinic again. I kept asking my doctors what I could do to stop the cancer from coming back, but nobody ever had any answers for me. I ate healthy and exercised, but it kept coming back. 

In Nov. 2008 I learned about a special zeolite product from my neighbor Kathy. Since I have been on the these products, I have had 4 healthy checkups at the Mayo Clinic. Now, in 2010, I am totally healthy.  I love all the products. I have no stiffness in my fingers after using the special healthy aging formula. All my friends gave me a hard time because I refused to have a flu shot. I felt they were loaded with toxins. No surprise to me, I didn’t get the flu thanks to these products.

I praise God that I am still healthy and so blessed to have these products in my life.


When my friend went to the doctor for stomach pain and was found to have an aneurysm, the doctor also diagnosed her with ovarian cancer.  Cancer was proven by blood test as well as MRI, CT and PET scans (her mother died of ovarian cancer last year).  Over the course of 12 days before surgery, she took liquid zeolite, 10 drops 4 times daily.  When the doctors operated, they found no apparent cancer but did a total hysterectomy as well as the other necessary surgery but said that the pathology would be the determining factor as far as follow up care ie chemo or radiation.  Five days after surgery, pathology for cancer came back negative.  Rather incredible, don’t you think? – Kelley 


I am happy to write you this e-mail to inform you that my father who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last August has know done a new CT Scan last Friday and the results show that the 5.5cm tumour in the body of the pancreas has totally disappeared. The radiologist has told him that the pancreas is clean with no trace of any tumour. The liver still has one spot but she said most probably its the remaining scar from the cancer spots he had and she said most probably everything is indicating that the cancer is dead or near dead.  She said I don’t know what got this kind of highly positive result but ‘something worked’ she said. The tumour marker kept coming down steadily even after he voluntarily stopped the chemotherapy. His tumour marker blood test has now come down to 78 from 6800 and it needs to come to 37.

We believe God’s answer to our prayers was amongst other things – homeopathy and natural products like liquid zeolite. I thank you for your great help. It is incredible that from a very poor prognosis of a few months life, we ended up having such a marvelous result only 4 & a half months down the line.

We will definitely keep on using liquid zeolite regularly and am trying to recommended to many people. However unfortunately the majority of people trust only what their doctors tell them and shut off all these successful alternatives only to pursue the path that has often proven to be ineffective over and over again. But even if we convince one person it would still be a great satisfaction being able to help someone save his life.

We know someone else in Malta with pancreatic cancer who made a marvelous improvement through alternative means. She was using zeolite but at a very low dosage. Now we put her in contact with our homeopath and she adjusted her dosage.

I sincerely thank you again. My family and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.  God Bless, Roderick


My step-father has been battling prostate cancer for 8 years. He is a retired Medical Doctor and has in the past relied solely on traditional pharmaceutical drugs to control his PSA levels. In the past 5 years, he started taking a variety of different natural herbs and supplements in addition to his prescribed medication. He managed to keep his PSA count at a controlled, steady level but has never really experienced any significant drop in his PSA counts according to his lab test results.

About 6 months ago, he started taking a special liquid zeolite, 15 drops 3 times a day and a mushroom product, 5 drops twice a day. In addition, he added a natural PSA product. He continued to also use all the other supplements he had already been taking.  For the first time, he experienced significant drops with his PSA counts according to the lab tests.

He wanted to see if the additional supplements were really key in aiding in the drop of his PSA counts so he decided he would go off all of them for a month. He continued taking all the other supplements and prescriptive medications without the additional supplements. After one month, his lab test results showed his PSA counts went significantly up. He was then convinced; all the other supplements were not working and ceased taking them. He went back on the supplements he had stopped taking the month previously.   After one more month, his lab results showed that his PSA count went down significantly.  He is now convinced these products are superior to all other supplements and has played a significant role in lowering his PSA count and in the successful fight against his prostate cancer.  Shirley O, Newport Beach, CA


I have had leukemia since 2003.  I was given six months to live.  I’ve been through chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant.  I ended up back in Memphis, Tennessee, at home because there were no other options for me other than go to a Cancer Research Center and become, I guess, a guinea pig.  Since nothing was going to work for me, I was going to become part of an experiment. 

I started that in September of 2007.  In December of 2007 I had 50 per cent liver failure and was taken off the experimental drug.  They said I would not live to see my son graduate, which would have been the following May. 

Somebody put an ad in the paper that said ‘are you toxic?’.  I responded to the ad, and started only on liquid zeolite at that time, as a mushroom product was not available yet.  When a mushroom product came on the market, I started to add that to my liquid zeolite.  By December of 2008 there was no damage and my white cell count was exactly where it should be.   I am so excited because this is November of 2009 and in just a few short weeks, I will be one year in remission.  Sonya – Memphis, TN


Monday afternoon I went through another P.E.T. scan. The two-hour ordeal was exhausting, but productive.  Today I met with my surgeon who read over my P.E.T. scan results. Kristy and I are overwhelmed by the good report.

According to my surgeon the size of my tumor has gotten smaller, and so have any new locations. The activity level of the cancer was still quite active, but the best news was that a large area in the middle of the tumor exhibited necrosis — the tumor is dying from the inside to the outside.

I realize that my chemotherapy may be a major player in this good report, but I believe in my heart that it is “our secret weapons” — these products.  I am convinced that a mushroom product and activated zeolite are two big factors in the diminishing size and amount of cancer I am currently experiencing.

My doctor reminded me that I have “metastic colorectal cancer” and that it could begin to spread at any time. It is also in a location which makes removal of the tumor and surrounding tissues inoperable. But the fact that it is getting smaller, and that a sizeable area in the center of the tumor is dying, gives me much hope for a longer life than originally forecast for me.

Thankfully, Doug from Indiana


Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia; that’s what I heard rolling off my doctor’s tongue. It is a rare form of a non-Hodgkin lymphoma that occurs in men over the age of sixty-five. It’s rare enough when it happens to them, but I’m only forty-five and this is just wrong. The oncologist looked me square in the eyes and told me he would begin the following Monday administering chemotherapy five days in a row the first week of each of the next six months.

“If we do this, there is a ninety percent chance we will put it in remission,” he stated directly and glanced down at the floor. Lifting his head back up he continued, “but there is a ninety percent chance it will come back.”

In other words I had cancer and because it is so rare, they have no cure for it. That was May 26th . . . my D-Day. The thought of using poison to cure disease never really appealed to me and I knew the doctor’s allopathic approach was an unnatural one, so I told him I needed a little time to absorb all of this and left his office with a lot of material to read. I then called a good friend, who is a nutritionist, and decided to abandon the Standard American Diet and commit myself to putting nothing but whole, living nutrition in my body. After the first week we noticed a change in the tumor that had started this whole escapade. Three months later, the blood work was showing positive results: the excessive proteins produced by the cancer had steadily decreased, but also had leveled off. It’s amazing that just by changing my diet the cancer was receding, but I needed something more.

I had known about these products through my barber, Kody, I just had no idea I had been sitting on the greatest health discover of the century. The research revealed to me that our health problems are two-fold; poor nutrition and toxic load. I had addressed the nutritional needs, but all the carrot juice in the world could not remove the toxins. I began a crisis dosage of zeolite and a mushroom product on July 21st. One month later, on August 20th, the doctor examined me and found that the tumor had reduced from 20cm to 15cm and the lymph nodes that were so swollen he had had one biopsied – those lymph nodes were now the size he would expect in a healthy man of my age. He has ordered a CT to find out what is happening internally. I am confident that I will be cancer free by October and thank God for the miraculous provision He has supplied through these products.


I recently received my liquid zeolite and gave my husband Darryl three drops every hour for the past few days.  He has an incurable problem in his liver that can threaten the life of any individual.  In only a few days I have noticed a great difference in him.  He is more alert and stronger.  I am looking forward to seeing the results over a longer term.  – “Goldie”


A little over a month ago —  there is a show on TV called `Locator` and the gal behind the scenes happens to be Ruth`s daughter.  She was diagnosed with all the lumps and the bumps in the breast.  She had a black mole on her head from birth which was getting larger, and about the time that Dave and Ruth joined us, they sent her, to get her started right away, a mushroom product and some zeolite.  Exactly one month later, almost to the day, she went in for a CAT scan and a mammogram and they could not find one lump or bump. They don`t know what happened to them.  They don`t know what they were, exactly.  But they are all gone.  The one on top of her head started going down right away.  They elected to do a local surgery, where she was awake, and when they took that mole off her forehead up near her hairline, the doctors couldn’t even describe what it was.  They sent it to a lab, and they couldn’t figure out what it was.  They sent it to a University and they weren’t sure what it was either.  It was something that the doctors hadn’t seen before, but it`s gone.  She`s had great success in a quick thirty days with her health challenges. – from Ruth


Three and a half months ago my 71 year old mother had a growth on her lung. She is a Colon Cancer survivor and smoked for 46 years. Everyone feared the worse, including her doctor.  Her P.E.T scan showed an ‘Active 1 .2 centimeter growth’. It was determined that she would have a biopsy and then another P.E.T Scan a few weeks later.

I convinced her to take 15 drops of zeolite 4 times per day. Her other 6 children were all pushing for immediate surgery so that the growth could be taken out. My mother and I told no one about her zeolite usage.  48 days later her P.E.T Scan showed that her 1.2 Centimeter growth was now only 1.0 centimeters. They also determined that the growth was benign and the doctor agreed to wait another 4 -6 weeks before re evaluating her again.  Last week, 105 days after her initial P.E.T Scan and zeolite usage her new P.E.T Scan showed No Growth at all! — Bob F.


My husband Kile was diagnosed with Neck & Throat Cancer – Squamous Cell Carcinoma Aug 24, 2006.  The cancer originated at the base of his tongue on the left side which measured 1 CM.  Two lymph nodes on the left side were also were affected.  One lymph node measured 1.8 CM and the other was 2.0 CM.  The combination of the 3 put him at a Stage 4A.  The stages are 1 – 4 with 4 being the worst.  The cancer in the lymph nodes started to metastasize into his jugular vein and Carotid Artery.

He discovered activated liquid zeolite and started taking it on Sept 5th.  He took 15 drops 3 times a day.  He put 10 drops in water and 5 on his tongue.  About 15 minutes after he took the activated liquid zeolite, the tumors in his neck started to burn and he would get a metallic taste in his mouth.  The tumors got softer and less pronounced as verified by his Doctor. 

September 15th – 20th was his first round of Chemo.  He noticed the same burning sensation in his neck and the metallic taste in his mouth while on Chemo.  His second round of Chemo was Oct 2nd – 7th.  They did a CT scan on Oct 19th to determine the size of the tumors.  The radiologist who read the scan called his Chemo Oncologist and asked if he had sent the correct scan as he was expecting to see cancer on the scan.  The cancer on the base of his tongue didn’t show up and his lymph glands were 8 and 9 MM which is considered normal.  Anything 10 MM and less is considered normal. 

If the Doctor who read the scan didn’t know he had cancer, and know where the tumors were, he would’ve said this was a clear scan.  The doctors were stunned his cancer didn’t show up on the scan.  They had never seen cancer go into remission that quickly.  They said there is a guy younger than Kile who has the same cancer and his cancer still showed up on his CT scan after his 2nd round of Chemo.

Kile told them from the beginning he was taking activated liquid zeolite.  The doctor told him to keep doing whatever he’s doing because whatever it is, it’s working!  They still wanted him to go through Chemo and Radiation 5 days a week for 7 weeks.  I said, “If you’re going to be watching him closely the next 5 years, why not hit him with Chemo & Radiation IF it comes back?”  The doctor said if he doesn’t go through with the Chemo and Radiation he will die.  It is a precaution to kill any microscopic cancer cells.

They installed a feeding tube on Nov 16th.  He had chemo and radiation 5 days a week for 7 weeks from Nov 20th – Jan 9th.  The doctor said Kile is the only one who made it though the entire ordeal without having to use his feeding tube to eat.  He said Kile has done the best he has seen in 6 years.  We had a gig booked on Jan 31st, (he plays bass & is lead singer), and he was able to sing just 22 days after having 35 radiation treatments on his throat.  Most people have difficulty with speech for several months after radiation therapy.  He had another CT scan on Feb 14th and they told us he was cancer free!! 


On April 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB, inoperable Lung Cancer that already spread to several of my lymph nodes.

I was told that my survival chance for a year was only 10% – 15 %. It was decided that I would receive 2 phases of several chemo and radiation treatments.  Both the 1st phase and the 2nd phase had to be cut short, because I experienced very severe side effects. The treatments helped to some extent, but 1/3 of my cancer was still there at that time.

One of the side-effects was actually life-threatening. I developed pulmonary inflammation and consequently pulmonary fibrosis, which most patients die of shortly thereafter. I had terrible coughing seizures day and night.

I have been aware of activated liquid zeolite, but my oncologist strongly suggested that I should not take it during the treatments, because he believed that it would interfere with the Platinum-based chemo. If I had known what I know now, I would not have listened to him!  I would have taken it in-between treatments.

As soon as the last phase of the chemo was stopped, I immediately started taking the zeolite in very high dose (10 drops per hour during the day) with plenty of water for the purpose of removing the toxins and the platinum from the chemo that was still in my body. Two days after that, my coughing seizures stopped and I started feeling the positive effectiveness of zeolite, which was removing the left-over harmful elements from my body.

In addition, I started taking other products, which helped recover my strength and the weight that I lost during my ordeal.  Two of them are daily nutrients and a mushroom product, another one of my favorite products.

My immune system built up its strength again so quickly that in December of the same year I was already able to fly to Europe to spend the holidays with family. Shortly after, I was elated when both my oncologist and pulmonary specialist were amazed that my CT-scan showed that there was no evidence of the cancer. My oncologist stated that I was “no longer a difficult patient, but a healthy one”.

My recent visit to my oncologist in May 2009 confirmed that I was on my best way to hitting the 5-year benchmark with ease! And I agree with him, because I feel great!

I am happy to be here and to be able to share my story because – without hesitation – I am 100% certain that the zeolite saved my life!  Thank you!!!  Emilia from New York State


I just had a call from my cousin who wanted me to stop her auto ship.  She went to her doctor today to check on the colon cancer and it had disappeared!!! She was doing nothing but taking the drops and had several cancerous polyps removed since Sept.  She went today and there were no poll ups, They had fallen off?? Not sure of the details but she phone and wants to continue the drops. Her doctor could not believe it!! The only thing she did differently was to take the drops. So she and her daughters are convinced that’s what did it!! Now I have to put her back on auto ship.  Rochelle Z. Edmonton, Canada


In February, my thoracic surgeon displayed an MRI scan which showed a very large tumor with tentacles wrapping around my heart, lungs, and other vital organs. The doctors at Kaiser hospital said I had to abort my baby in order to save my life and have them aggressively work with my stage 4 cancer. The doctors said that this was one of the worst and fastest spreading cancers they had ever seen and that without being able to shrink it with radiation and chemo therapy, it was inoperable and that I would die within 2 months.

I would like to acknowledge Mary of California as she answered an email for prayers and recommended a natural substance called Zeolite manufactured in Florida. Georgia bought the product for me and I was diligent about taking 100 drops a day for 2 months.  Zeolite may have played a role in shrinking my cancer so that it is now operable.  Carlos and Nereyda –  California

PS – She has delivered a boy by C section on May 18, 2009. This is a wonderful miracle and a touching testimony of one woman’s faith and obedience to God despite the consequences to herself and how zeolite played a major part in saving a baby and having a healthy delivery. Georgia – California


I just wanted you to know the zeolite and a mushroom product are making a difference.  The last two chemo cycles (5 days each) were much easier on me. Much more energy, far less pain and my mind seems to be recovering faster. I have been talking to an old friend who was telling me about a neighbor’s son with Leukemia. I want to suggest they try our products but would like to offer a testimony to accompany our information. I am truly amazed at how much easier these products have helped me through this whole cancer ordeal. 

I have not exhausted all the names on my list of 100 yet but when that happens I will consider using the company for additional email names to expand my list.  Thank you for asking. I am getting a slow start but will continue to work at it! It is a great company with awesome products. I’d feel as if I was cheating others out of an opportunity to feel better and earn an unbelievable income.  It should not be up to me it should be there choice.  I just give them all the information (and learning how to follow up).  Thanks for your help.  Take care.  Brenda 


I just wanted to share with you the good news we received today on Carl. As you know he was diagnosed the beginning of August with cancer that had spread to his lungs, bones, and bone marrow. He was hospitalized until Aug. 11th. during that stay he was given 8 units of blood plus platelets and a big chemo treatment. His tumor marker went from 20 to 86 in a matter of 10 days so his cancer was very aggressive. I started him on doses of a  PSA product, a healthy aging product, daily nutrients, zeolite, and a mushroom product. On the day of chemo treatments and for two days after, I give him some supplements every hour. He has had two chemo treatments in the last month which really knocks him for a loop. But today…..Great news…..him tumor marker is down to 1.1. Needless to say, we ecstatic and feel so Blessed. We know he is not out of the woods yet but is well on his way with God and these products on our side, who can be against us? Be Blessed and Live Well    Love, Donna

Update Oct 31, 2008:

Dear Friends,

We came home from the Oncology Dr. today on cloud nine. Carl is in total remission with a tumor marker at 0.7 and the CT scans showed no signs of cancer in his lungs, liver or anywhere else. We only have to go to the doctor once a month now for blood work and the IV to repair the damage to his bones.

We are truly Blessed with a miracle.  To come to this diagnosis, from no hope with stage 4 terminal cancer at the end of July (prostate cancer, lung cancer in both lungs, bone and bone marrow cancer), to today in remission, is truly remarkable.  Carl is back up to his normal weight after dropping 35 lbs in just a matter of a few weeks. He was in a wheelchair as he was too weak to walk.  Now he can do everything for himself and help with the care of the  livestock. We thank God continually for the things He put on this  earth to make these miraculous products and for the intelligent, talented people who developed these supplements for us to use to heal and maintain our bodies.

Another vital ingredient in the healing process is belief in the products and believing that we can be healed and never giving up the fight.  I firmly believe that the zeolite, daily nutrients, a mushroom product, a PSA product, a healthy aging product, detox teas and fiber product have all played a roll in not only giving Carl the nutrients he needed, cleansing his body of toxins, but also protected his organs from the damage that comes from Chemo. He only had four treatments and we said “enough” and the doctor agreed with his tumor marker coming down so dramatically and so fast.  Thank you for giving us back our life.

We also watched his diet very carefully and tried to follow the John Hopkins Cancer Center diet to keep his acid level low and not feed the cancer with sugar or use products with chemicals or preservatives. No one can argue with our results. If anyone wants to talk to me that needs to know our treatment plan, I am more than happy to share our details.  Love & Blessings

CANCER – (Climbing Mt. Everest)  

They told George he would die in 18 months without radiation and chemo but he went out and climbed Mt. Everest and used supplements every day.  

“It was truly prayers that worked as I had the doctors at Virginia Mason Hospital, Providence Hospital and Swedish Cancer Center along with Alaska Regional’s Radiation Dr. Cook, all tell me that I needed a full series of radiation and chemo therapy or I would die in about 1-1/2 years…….They were wrong!

Along with the prayers that were mostly responsible for my cure, I showed the doctor all of the supplements I had been and continue to take which included zeolite, which was a “major part” of my recovery process.” 

CANCER (Stage 4) 

Hello, Please Read this testimony of how these products have helped this Stage 4 Cancer patient.

Sometime in August of 2007, I started having on and off terrible headaches, double vision which prompted me to see an eye doctor, an ENT Specialist who  diagnosed me with extensive sinusitis more on my right side and prescribed antibiotics for almost a month, did a CT scan of my sinuses confirming the dx of sinusitis. After the completion of the antibiotics with the symptoms still present, this time, my right eye starting to droop, the=2 0ENT doctor referred me to a Neurosurgeon to reassess my progressing symptoms.  An MRI of my brain was done urgently to find out that I had meningioma (a growth on the right temporal side),of which I had undergone craniotomy. 

Due to the ‘delicate’ location of the tumor, my Neurosurgeon was able to remove only a portion of the tumor and the remaining was subjected to radiation txs. Somewhere during the waiting period of the radiation tx, I palpated on the right side of my neck, a big lymph node and a small one also on my left side of my neck. A CT scan of the neck was done revealing a large mass on my nose and my pharynx that had extended to both sides of my neck that was subjected to a biopsy and what I was fearing was the devastating dx of malignant cancer of my oropharyngeal area that had metastasized to both sides of the neck, that can be treated with the combination of radiation txs and chemotherapy. 

Radiation txs started in January 2008 completing 33 txs in March, done 5 days a week,4 chemo txs in  conjunction with radiation. It was a terrifying experience not only with this devastating dx  but the side effects of this combined txs were very ‘sickening’ that led me to hospitalizations, this time my right eye has totally closed with no eye movements, severe weight loss due  to dehydration, very poor appetite, anemia that I could not bear. But because of my strong faith in the Lord and my very strong will to live, my fears were all replaced with strong determination to fight for my life despite this rough and rocky road.  

I started having IV fluids at home to help me cope up with dehydration due to my nausea and vomitings and poor appetite that went on till my last chemo in May 2008. Side effects still were very  prominent even after a month of completing my chemo, weakness, easy fatiguability,  my weight remained in the 90’s, lost more than 30 lbs. from these txs, right eye  had opened slightly in March but the redness remained obvious of which the doctors had  told me it will not open due to the effects of radiation, feelings of numbness present on  the right side of my face and sensations of ‘ pins and needles’ on my right eye continued attributed to the growth that was found on my temporal area. 

It was in the end of May that I met one of my neighbors that I happen to invite in our Bible study and prayed over me that he was touched by the Lord that he had to persistently come back and introduce the zeolite and a mushroom product and daily vitamins using his father in law as a living  testimony of how the products work, who I happen to have seen walking in the community a year ago, looking very active and vibrant due to these products. I did not let go of John ( my neighbor) without him leaving me products on May 30 and  started taking these products the same day. 

After 3 days of taking the products I started  feeling energized, more active, I started walking my dog around the community which I have not done in 8 months, started eating more and this time I can eat solid foods and can drink more fluids, my right is more open, more eye movements and the redness gone.  I had my PETSCAN and CTscan of my whole body done on 6/25/08 to reevaluate and restage the tumors. To my doctor’s surprise, the results came to him as a ‘ huge miracle’  because all the tumors from my nose to the pharynx and the back of my right eye ( temporal area) were nowhere to be found, with the rest of my body all clear. 

First, I attribute this miraculous results to God who had  been with me from  day one and to these products which the Lord has anointed and has helped perform the miracles in my  body. Thank you, Lord and this company for these products. Now I can testify to the world what it had done in my life and what it can do to your lives if you give it a try. It can not fail you.  I hope this can open up hearts of people that really need it.  This is a product form GOD.  Jovita F. ( California )


“I was scheduled for surgery on the 12th of December. Prior to using liquid zeolite the tumor was the size of a goose egg. It was hard and very painful for me to sit. Thanks to this liquid zeolite the tumor is now next to nothing.  After only 3 days the mass started to soften and lessen in size. I am so incredibly happy that I gave this product a chance. I have been taking 10 drops 3 times per day. I had several days I only took 3 drops 3 times per day. After ONLY A WEEK I have cancelled my surgery.  -Nelta T. –  Iowa


“It gave me a new lease on life.”

I would like to share the story of my battle. It was a losing battle until I found a mushroom product. What I am going to share with you today is the happy story of a battle that ended with victory.

Just seven years ago I was very sick and very scared. I was also very tired, tired of fighting without hope. It all started soon after I lost my mother and sister, whom I dearly loved and cared for in my house until their passing. Caring for them was all I did day and night, day after day for many years. Their passing made an empty hole in my heart. 

Then I found a lump in my left breast. But I did nothing. In just two months, it grew to be like a monster. I wanted to die, so that I could join my mother and sister. There was no known cure anyway. I thought no doctor or medicine could have helped. “Please let me go,” I begged my daughter. But she became furious and said to me, “I am not letting you leave me alone.” Her words woke me up. They made me realize that I am not living alone. “I must live,” I thought. I wanted to be alive for my daughter. Surgery took my entire left breast. I had a left side total mastectomy and a subaxillary lymph node resection. Muscle tissue from my back was removed and transferred to my chest. The skin from my thigh was then transferred to my back. The surgery was successful, and afterwards the physician found no tumor.

Then the radiation and chemotherapy started. Rehabilitation to coordinate body balance and regain strength followed. Though I was determined to recover, the surgery completely crippled me and took away all my sense of independence.

But after it came back. So, for the following five years, I had a surgery every year. I also educated myself to become a certified health counselor of the “Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association”

Finally, in my fifth year, the worst of the disease had come. I woke up one day to find my face had doubled in size. I had 7 quail-egg sized lumps around my neck. I knew this was the worst. “Twelve days. I will get you a bed for thorough check-ups. So, come back in twelve days.” That was what the doctor told me. But to my family, he said, “If she is alive after twelve days, bring her in. She will receive the terminal care. This time she won’t make it through.”

I went home with a lot of new drugs the doctor gave me and was pretty much left alone. I imagine that you must be thinking I should be dead by now. So where does a mushroom product come into play? Yes, miracles happen when they are least expected.

I had my daughter call the Japan Adult Disease Association to cancel my lecture appointment. The director picked up the phone, which is very, very rare. She told him that the end was near for me. And he just laughed loudly. “Do not worry Taketomi-san,” he said. “Here is what just came out. I think it will help. It is a very powerful immune enhancer. We checked all of the product and we think it’s the best. Try it. I will have them FedEx it to you right away.”

The packet arrived the next morning. I took it the first day. Nothing happened.  I took it the next day. The pain did not go away. I took it the third day. By then I was so weak, I couldn’t leave my bed. All I did was sip the extract.

The miracle happened early the next morning about 5:30. I woke up wanting to urinate. I had barely been about to move for four days but fear of wetting the mattress gave me strength. I tried the impossible. Somehow, I walked to the bathroom.  And took care of it all by myself. It was a great moment. That was the moment I regained independence. “I did it! I did it!” I screamed with joy. I screamed so loud I could have awakened all my neighbors. My daughter rushed to me and hugged me. “Yes, you did it. You will be fine,” she said in tears.

From then on, we were fighting the winning battle. I realized the pain went away after about 5 minute of drinking the extract. The pain did not come back for 4 hours. So, I was drinking 6 times a day.  My condition kept getting better. In twelve days, I went back to see the doctor, the person I thought was a god. He seemed in total disbelief to find me alive. The sonogram revealed that the swollen lymph nodes above my lung had shrunk to half the size. “I had nothing to offer you to really help you. What did you do?” he asked me.  I told him about the product I used.

It saved my life. It gave me a new lease on life. I do not know what chemical is responsible. But I know it helped me regain my strength to fight the disease, the fight I came so close to losing. It gave me the correct balance. After three months, I stopped taking any of the medication. Soon after, I experienced such a high fever it couldn’t be measured. It was my body, my immune system fighting.  After 5 days, the fever went down. I still remember how good I felt. My body felt very light. I knew I was reborn. This is my story. Today, I am not just alive. I am alive, well, full of energy and hope. I decided to share my story to many who need to hear it. And now, how could I have imagined that I would have so many happy days following this battle? A mushroom product can help many American people. Please follow my footsteps. Join the march!

(Translated from the Japanese)


My name is  Elizabeth.  I am 84 years old, and work full time for  Faulkner University and my church project is Prison Ministry. I was under a great deal of stress at work and moving and after 25 years my breast cancer returned and mastisized into my back bone.  The doctors in  Montgomery told me to get in touch with Hospice if I refused Chemo and Radiation.  I refused it 25 years before and healed with prayer, diet and detoxification.

I visited my children in Tallahassee, Florida  December 2007.  The pain had been with me for a year and it got unbearable.  My daughter in law, an RN insisted I have medical care.  An X-ray was taken, then an MRI, then a PET test.  All showed up as cancer in the breast and back bone.  I was sent to a gynecology and he ordered a biopsy of both breast to see what type of treatment he needed to do on me. He prescribed a small pink pill every morning that would cut off the blood supply to the cancer and once a month calcium IV, plus keep the same pain pills  started this treatment three months ago. 

The pain was with me day and night.  I was taking Hydrocodone tablets (2) every (4) hours. The pain was in my back and the doctors diagnosed me as having both Breast cancer that had metastasized to the spine. I was on this treatment one month but could not tell any difference.   Two months ago I started taking one vial a day of the mushroom product and the zeolite.  In one week I got up one morning and forgot to take my pain pills. Then I realized something was working.  I take one vial of the mushroom product and 30 drops of zeolite a day. 

The cancer was all over my left breast with tumors and a large one under the left arm. The tumors have reduced in size 50% and under the arm that tumor has reduced from the size of a quarter to less than a dime.  The cancer is turning loose from the flesh.  It is just amazing to watch.  My energy level is back and I am enjoying my work and my friends.  I am so grateful for this product.  I received a blood check up last week and the only thing the doctor found that needed correcting was for me to jump up and down several times a day on the tram byline. This flushes out the lymphatic system.


Dr. P from Hopewell Junction, NY, decided to try the zeolite on one of his patients that currently has throat cancer. He reported this morning, that the patient’s pain has diminished considerably, and her energy levels are up, much to his surprise. It is too early to tell any oncology results, but he is hopeful. He also has been taking the product, and he had a prior injury to his right shoulder where he could not lift his arm above his head. He doesn’t know how this worked, but after being on the zeolite product for a short time, he is able to lift his arm over his head.  He has been “pleasantly impressed” with the results so far.


My name is John H. I was told I had cancer in June 1997. The doctor told me he would take out my prostate and do radiation therapy. At that time I decided not to do this therapy. I changed doctors and started eating healthy foods and taking a lot of vitamins. We tried many different vitamins but none lowered my PSA and cancer. Two weeks ago I went to a meeting and they talked about zeolite and I got excited. I bought a bottle that Wednesday night and took one dose. I took the product for the next four days. On Monday I had a fasting blood test. On Tuesday my doctor called with the results. My PSA went from 11.4 down to 4.6.  My cholesterol went from 216 to 181 and my sugar went from 190 to 116. My doctor told me he has to do these tests again next month to confirm them. We are very happy with zeolite. Thank You Sincerely , John H.


At the end of Oct.2004, 12 months ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer . At the recommendation of my doctors, I underwent 28 rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. At the end of the treatments, I was told that they had eradicated the cancer in my cervix. In May of 2005, after a check up, the doctors found that the cancer had metastases. I had a PET scan and my daughter had suggested that I go to Hawaii and get treatment there. In June of 2005, I met with an Oncologist in   Hawaii and was told that I had about 1 year to live since the PET scan showed the cancer was in every lymph node as well as a spot on my lung and stomach. I got another opinion and was also told the same prognosis. I had 5 out of 8 rounds of chemo, which made me so sick so I decided that I would not be able to continue with the chemo. 

During my fifth chemo, my daughter’s friend told her about zeolite. I took it for 3 1/2 weeks  15 drops 3 times a day. I had a cat scan shortly after. My doctor walked into the office, he asked me how I was feeling and what had I been taking.  He had a perplexed look on his face. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was hoping for some positive news. The doctor told me that there was NO CANCER in my body, I was clear! Not in my lymph nodes, nor in my lung or my stomach. I asked who read the scan, and he reassured me it was the radiologist, not just him. He seemed amazed since less than 20% of his patients ever have a total clear reading; especially rare in such as aggressive case. I feel like the zeolite has helped my immune system to fight off the cancer and I will continue to take the drops. My doctor will have me do another CAT scan in 3 months and God willing, it will be clear! I thank God Thank you for sending this amazing supplement my way just in the nick of time!


Hello All.  My name is Carol, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in July of 2004.  I decided a long time ago that if I ever got cancer that I would not allow them to do radiation or Chemotherapy. So the only option that I had was surgery or natural health. I opted for natural health. I took a product that seemed to be keeping the cancer the same size but was not shrinking it. Needless to say my family, after a year of this was getting quite nervous. And they were all quite insistent that I allow them to do the surgery.  It was the side effects of the surgery that I was not so sure of. I was in the hospital for nine days, was sent home with shingles on the right side as well as the neuropathy.  I am left with severe neuropathy in my right arm and right chest area. I had let a friend of mine know that if they found anything that was natural to let me know, as the Doctors were very insistent that I was going to have to have radiation and chemotherapy. Both of which I had vowed not to do.

Several months went by I was going to the Doctor and having all the tests that they seemed to need to know where they were going to do these treatments. A dear friend of mine introduced me to zeolite. It was just about the time that a hurricane came through the area that I live in. The hospital canceled all appointments and I left town. I took the zeolite as soon as I got it, which was just before I left. I took 15 drops four times a day for three weeks. I had some major detoxification symptoms, which included flu-like  symptoms. I ran a fever and was quite ill for a couple of weeks. But I had a goal and my feeling was that the discomfort was well worth the end results.

When I went back to the Doctor, he did not say a word about the treatments that he had insisted that I take before. I asked him why and he told me that they could find no sign of cancer. I told him what I had taken and then he said that he wanted a P.E.T. scan. This particular scan will find cancer if there is any at all. It is a scan that they do of my entire body. I told him that I would do that but that he would not find cancer.

My Doctors knew that I wanted to find a natural way of taking care of the cancer problem, but had been skeptical to say it nicely.  When I went back for the results of that test there was no sign of cancer.  I have scans and x-rays every three months so that the doctors feel better about the fact that I no longer have cancer. I found out after the surgery that I still had cancer in my chest wall and that is why they were so insistent about my doing the chemotherapy and radiation. It has been a year since my surgery and two years since the diagnosis and I am cancer free. The only thing I did was take zeolite. God Bless You all and to my friends thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Carol T.    Livingston Tx


“My name is Karen, and I started using zeolite on myself, my husband and my mother Thanksgiving of 2007.  My mother was diagnosed with kidney failure about a year ago and she was told she needed to go on to dialysis, but she refused.  She had a test in January and the doctor wanted to know what she was doing because her kidneys are healing and she no longer needs to be on dialysis.  She also has a cancer of the blood, where her platelets don’t form or her body doesn’t make platelets and she’s been on a shot for about five years call crocreat, and she has not needed a shot for the past two times.  So, her cancer is healing, or her body is now starting to make platelets.  I appreciate all you are doing and looking forward to seeing you all at the top.  Bye.”


My dad has CLL Leukemia, Emphysema and just recently diagnosed with cancer in his throat.  After 5 weeks of taking zeolite, his Leukemia counts are much better.  His Oncologist was quite pleased and said he would be able to by-pass chemo for at least two months because of his improved blood counts. When dad told him that he had been taking zeolite, the doctor said he was familiar with the zeolite product and recommended for him to stay on it. The following week, dad went to his throat doctor, and when the doctor looked in his throat with a scope, he could not believe what he saw.  He said it looked so much better than when he observed it eight weeks before. Dad said his throat is no longer sore and feels much better.  We believe that zeolite is making a tremendous difference in dad’s health and are very thankful. 

My mom has started taking the product as well.  She was also amazed on how the product has improved my dad’s complexion as he has many skin cancer spots from overexposure to the sun as a farmer.

We so appreciate you taking the time to share zeolite with us.  It has been a huge difference in better quality living for my Dad and possibly his life!  We will keep you updated on future improvements!  Thanks again. Susie Wichita, Kansas


My name is Amy from Milford NE. I got into this business only by faith, when a long time friend, Charlie, called. I had not talked to him for years, and then he called me out of the blue and told me about this company. He had gotten me into other companies and they never did work for me.  But it was a gift from God , because I had just found out that my bother- in-law had Cancer, and I was looking. Every thing he told me about the products and the company was what I had been looking for , so I signed up that night. Had to get it to my bother in-law fast,  I called them in Wisconsin and they signed up the next day.  He is taking liquid zeolite, along with other products and doing great. Though prayer and these products people lives are being changed.  I can not be without these products.

CANCER (Bladder)

Last January (2005) my father-in-law had another surgery for bladder cancer. In this, and the previous surgeries, tumors were found and treated. Since last January he has worn a catheter bag to collect his urine. A few months ago his catheter bag began to have blood in it. He continued to pass more and more blood, accompanied by a foul odor.

After testing his urine and blood, his doctor told him the cancer was back. The doctor explained that radiation treatments would likely follow the surgery and maybe chemotherapy after that. Surgery was scheduled for Friday Sept. 2nd. On Saturday Aug. 20th we got some zeolite to him. In FOUR DAYS the bleeding STOPPED and the catheter bag remained clear of any blood. After a week on zeolite, he woke one morning and his catheter bag was full of a sticky ugly gunk, and had a terrible odor. The catheter bags and tubes could not be cleaned, and had to be discarded and replaced. From that point on there has been NO blood or odor in his catheter bag. Friday, September 2nd, Carl underwent surgery. His doctor was surprised to find no tumors in his bladder! He said he was just sure there would be tumors there. Carl has also experienced an increase in energy since taking the zeolite.    Ron

CANCER (Breast)

My name is Betty L. LMT.  I am a 52-year-old female from  Cincinnati,  Ohio .In March of 2006, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of my right breast.  I had three tumors, two of which weren’t palpable and one which was around 2 centimeters. I was told by the breast surgeon that I would have to have a mastectomy to be followed by chemotherapy/radiation.  I have been into natural care for many years and in my mind, it made no sense to cut and poison my way back to health.  

I am a massage therapist in private practice.  One day a woman came into the store where I rent space and talked to me about zeolite.  At that time I was already taking several different supplements/herbs/vitamins and doing a few other things to build up my immune system and eliminate stress. This was about two months after my diagnosis. I began taking 15 drops, 4 times a day of the zeolite.  Within two months, the smaller tumors were gone completely.  The remaining tumor began shrinking after about six months and at this time is barely palpable.

The really good news is, in May 2007, my blood work came back clear!

I am continuing with the zeolite at a smaller dose, but I plan to stay on it as long as they keep making it!  It is a remarkable product that has been proven time after time.  The detoxifying properties alone should make everyone, regardless of their current state of health, want to incorporate it into their program of well-being. I feel blessed, as you can imagine.  I feel blessed for my life, for many answered prayers, and for the opportunity to help others.  I tell anyone who will listen about this wonderful product and what it has done for me.

CANCER (Breast)

On August 15th I shared the information on zeolite with my dad. I knew he would want to give zeolite to his wife, Delora, who went through a bout of Breast Cancer last year, 2004. Delora had one breast removed during her bout with cancer. She also went through Radiation and Chemotherapy. Before the Cancer and now afterwards, her main health problem has been and still is Emphysema. Her constant companion has been an oxygen canister which she carries with her everywhere she goes.

After only 4 days of taking 6 to 9 zeolite drops 3 x daily, Delora has been able to walk around more and become a bit more active than before….and even leave the Oxygen bottle behind while she is doing so. She is excited about the improvement and looks forward to even better days now. Their shipment of 16 bottles of zeolite will be arriving this week. Delora has a daughter who has Lupus. She plans to give her a few bottles to see if she shows an improvement. Craig O.

CANCER (Colon)

My daughter was diagnosed with colon cancer in January of 2004.  After a nightmare of chemo, radiation and a severe staph infection she had finally arrived at a place where she was able to function but still not feeling well.  Two weeks ago I was visiting her and noticed that she seemed to be in pain when she sat down.  I was very concerned because I thought that indicated that the tumor was growing again.  When I heard about zeolite I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the product.  One week ago today I took a bottle over to her.  When I got over there she told me her legs were aching badly.  I knew that wasn’t a good sign.  I told her to take 15 drops of zeolite 3 times a day.  After 5 treatments her legs felt better.  Five days later the pain in her legs was gone.  I believe zeolite is an answer to prayer and it will certainly shake up the medical establishment in this country.     Shirley M.


“Hi.  This is Jennifer from  Freemont,  Ohio.  About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer, underwent two types of chemo therapy. Unfortunately, the chemo didn’t work.  I began taking natural remedy during the chemo to protect my healthy cells and keep my body from further damage.  I would find a natural, safe product to replace the chemo, and I discovered this product. I chose this product because of the unique volcanic mineral inside.  They are a powerful detoxifier and I knew that would cleanse my body of the damaging effects from the chemo.  They also increase the alkalinity of my body, which is important for healing, reversing disease, and recovery.  But more importantly I chose the product because when the mineral is pulled into the cell in my body it activates the C21 gene.  That tells the cancer to die.  That’s just what I needed.

I started using the product about five weeks ago.  During this time I’ve experienced major increase in energy.  I have more stamina when I work out, and my skin colour is pink and healthy.  Two months ago it was grey most of the time.  In September last year I was told by mainstream physicians that if I didn’t take their chemo and use their pharmaceuticals, I would die in five months.  Since I discovered this product I no longer believe that to be true.  I fully expect to recover.  This product has not only improved my health and my state of mind, most importantly, it has given me hope.  Thank you.”


On Oct 14, I was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma lung cancer caused from Asbestos in the lung.  I had it in both lungs so surgery was not an option for treatment and this type of cancer doesn’t respond to Chemo or Radiation treatment. I was told I was in the 4th stage and when I asked the Doctor how many stages there were he told me there were four.  That’s basically a death sentence for me.  After all testing was completed, CT scan, Lab work, Tissue biopsy, and a PET scan, I was told by the Oncologist that there was nothing he could do for me and he referred me  back to my Medical doctor for the final care. 

On Oct 31 I started taking zeolite, 15 drops 3 times a day.  The second day of my taking zeolite I started to have different sensations in the tumor on my back that was protruding though the chest wall.  Sensations like a numbness, to jelly like when I walked, to bee stings and painful, to a stretching feeling at the tumor, each day it was a different feeling. After two weeks on the zeolite a tumor in my upper abdomen which was about the size of a ping-pong ball was now the size of a marble.  

In the third week of zeolite that tumor could not be found and the tumor on my back was almost gone.  At the time of my appointment with the Oncologist the tumor mass on my back could not be found. 

Zeolite is seemingly doing what the US Patent claims it is capable of doing.  On Dec. 7 I had a follow up CT scan done and it confirmed that the two tumors were gone.  Some were smaller in the lung and one was slightly bigger.  I have increased my times I take the zeolite to every 4 hours, 24 hours a day.  The new tumors leave the body first the older more established tumors go last.  It is imperative that the blood circulation be increased so that the zeolite can reach all the tumor cells. I am vigorously exercising more and more to accomplish this. Larry B. Jemison , Alabama 

CANCER (of blood)

“My name is Karen, and I started using zeolite on myself, my husband and my mother Thanksgiving of 2007.  My mother was diagnosed with kidney failure about a year ago and she was told she needed to go on to dialysis, but she refused.  She had a test in January and the doctor wanted to know what she was doing because her kidneys are healing and she no longer needs to be on dialysis.  She also has a cancer of the blood, where her platelets don’t form or her body doesn’t make platelets and she’s been on a shot for about five years call crocreat, and she has not needed a shot for the past two times.  So, her cancer is healing, or her body is now starting to make platelets.  I appreciate all you are doing and looking forward to seeing you all at the top.  Bye.”

CANCER – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

My wife and I were both widowed when we married in 1998. I found several large lumps under my armpits and groin as we approached our second wedding anniversary. I was in complete denial that anything could be wrong with me; how much can one person take. 

Tests confirmed that I had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 4. The prognosis was not good. I lost my first wife three months after she was diagnosed – my first thought was “how long do I have?”. I was a career firefighter and knew that working and enduring aggressive treatments was going to be very difficult, but I still had a lot of good years left in a career I loved. After 1 year of battling cancer with my treatments of Chemo-Therapy and Prednisone, the department made the decision for me. They forced me to retire after I had an asthma attack whereby I had to be emergency transported to the hospital. My asthma was caused by my cancer treatments. 

On a yearly basis I have had to endure treatments to control the re-emergence of tumors. The treatments have had side effects that include asthma and neuropathy. As I approached my 3 month cat scan in February of this year, I had a conversation with my Oncologist. He had indicated to me that there was a supplement out there that has worked well for many of his patients at different levels of treatments. I started on the supplements and took them for 8 weeks prior to my CAT scan and pulmonary tests. 

Upon review of my tests my oncologist said that everything was “perfect” and to keep doing what I was doing. My pulmonologist asked what I was doing because he could not believe how much my lung volume had improved. The only difference was taking a mushroom product and liquid zeolite.   I miss my career as a Firefighter but am so grateful that I found these products. When you feel like you have many more years ahead of you with your health in tack, you realize how important the state of your health is when it is in jeopardy. This is now and forever will be part of my daily routine.

Larry, San Juan Capistrano,  CA  


After overhearing my mother and I in a restaurant talk about liquid zeolite, a woman asked if she could give this information to her best friend who’s 81 year old husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Ray’s PSA was 46 and he was given a hormone shot in hopes to shrink his small lemon size prostate. He did not want to do any chemotherapy or radiation so they met with me and he agreed to give the product a try since he read that it couldn’t hurt and it may even help.

Three and a half weeks later, my cell phone rings and Ray’s wife is screaming in my ear,” You are not going to believe this! We just walked out of the oncology office and Ray’s PSA which was 46, is now 1.1 !” 

It has been over 3 years now and Ray’s regular check ups shows his PSA  has been around .03 , He is healthy and feels great. His wonderful wife is making sure he takes these products every day.  Lucky man!


“Hi.  My name is Elaine.  I’m from  Alberta,  Canada .  I gave my Dad the product to help him detox.  He had prostate cancer, and he had his testicles removed as well.  So I’m not sure if that had a bearing, but his PSA level was 13 and now it is 1.  So, I’m hoping and believing that is what made his PSA level go that way, because he’s been taking the product faithfully – the zeolite.  Thank you.


“Hi.  My name is Mary.  My story starts with my husbands recurring prostate cancer.  After putting him on the zeolite his MRI came back cancer free.  The radiation, though, left him with severe arthritis and myopathy, which is nerve damage, which causes him to lose the loss of his legs.  After two weeks on a mushroom product and a healthy aging product, he is up and walking.  No more wheelchair or walker are needed.  We love this product and everyone should be on them.  Thank you.”


I need to order 4 bottles of the PSA product.  You may not remember us talking about my 87 yr old uncle who is a paraplegic from WWII.  He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer a yr. ago.  He took one treatment and said no more.  You told me about product and he tried it.  After 3 wks of taking it along with the zeolite drops his PSA test showed no cancer.  In fact the PSA level was more like an 25 yr-old than an 87 yr-old. Sure shocked the Dr.   So please send us some more, Thanks. 


“My dad is 88 years old and has suffered a number of skin cancers on his face and arms. When I last visited him, his face was covered with red blotches and discolorations and his forearms were dry, brittle, and the skin easily cracked and bled.

I gave him a bottle of a regenerating antioxidant serum and a skin hydrating body lotion and instructions to use both twice daily. The next time I saw him, I could hardly believe the improvements. I’d estimate that his forehead and one side of his face were improved in skin tone and appearance by about 80%, and the other side of his face showed a 50% improvement. His arms, while still having a bruised appearance from one of the medications he takes, were much improved in skin tone and suppleness. The skin no longer cracks and bleeds when he brushes up against something, and the improvement was easily noticeable to both of us.”   Tom B., NY


“Hi. This is Greg.  I’m from  North Carolina .  Two summers ago a good friend called me about a product based on zeolites and how it removes toxins and helps avoid a lot of diseases.  But I was kind of cavalier about it and turned him down.   What I didn’t know was that I was already very sick, and the very next month I was diagnosed with a tumor on my kidney.  And I called him back and said “I need to start taking this product right away, because, look, I now have this lump.”  And I did.   And I’ll tell you that I did have – about 3 months later –on Thanksgiving weekend, surgery to get the lump removed, but I noticed a whole bunch of things.

For one, the lump had not gotten larger since when it was first diagnosed.  And all the time in the hospital I never got sick.  I didn’t get cold or flu.  But I haven’t had cold or flu ever since.  Doctors are amazed by that.  But it goes on from there.  I had spots on  my skin here and there.  Things I had for years.  They began to dissolve. And since then, now I’ve been scanned three times, and I’ve been cancer-free ever since.  And so, we are very grateful for this I will now be taking for the rest of my life.”

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