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Product Testimonials (Cholesterol)

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Sample product testimonials from our friends at


“My father who is 89 years old has suffered many health setbacks including congestive heart failure and two strokes and two open heart surgeries so his immune system is very weak. Just last week he caught the flu. Last year when had the flu, he spent 10 days in the hospital and 3 weeks in a convalescent home. Every fall we dread the flu season. However, he has been on Mega Defense since June, so we increased his dose and the flu only lasted 3 days! No pneumonia, no trips to the hospital. He is faithfully taking his Mega D,and his Daily Nutrients.

Mom, who is 88 is also on the same and has not gotten the flu. She did however have high cholesterol and her doctor had recommended meds to lower it. She took the special Fiber Blend product instead of the meds and within a short time her cholesterol dropped from 290 to 210. What incredible products! It’s gratifying to have these premium products that work! I’m grateful that all my family is in the ‘bubble’ with me!” ~ Suraya G.


Thought that you and the others might be interested in what some of us consider an amazing experience. 

My 93 year old mother in law has had a history for over 4 years of chronically high blood levels for her kidney function.  Because of her age, the doctor has chosen not to treat this with medication.  Additionally, there is a huge family history of high cholesterol but, again because of her age & the side effects, has not treated the condition.  

Recently, her anemia has required the doctor to add an iron supplement to the medications that she must take so we encouraged her to take 1 dose of our special fibre product once daily to address the side effects of the iron.  Incredibly, in a short 5 days time (we know this because she needed to have blood tests done) from the time she started the fiber, her kidney function tests are in the normal range.  Her last cholesterol test was done in December 2011 but the numbers had been high for so long that we believe they were also high until she started the fiber.  Her triglycerides dropped from 216 to 85; her total cholesterol from 197 to 153; her LDL from 120 to 101; and her total cholesterol toHDL ratio improved from 5.79 to 4.37.

I can’t wait to see what the new results will be when she gets the blood testing done in mid September!  Thanks for such an incredible product — Kelley


I’m so happy to share this success with you.

My niece’s father passed away recently at only 62 years old.  He had high cholesterol, diabetes, and all the heart and kidney problems associated with not taking the steps to control the problems.  My niece got her first bad lab test about 8 weeks ago.  It scared her that she was running down the same road as her dad.  She asked me what to take from Waiora.  We started her on the special zeolite product and a special Fiber Blend.  I got a text from her today “Cholesterol down 50 points.  Glucose dropped too.  Yay!!  In only 8 weeks and not being totally consistent.  Concrete proof makes a believer out of me.  Now I’ll promote the heck out of it.”

These are her results today compared to 8 weeks ago:

Before = 299
After = 249
Need that to be below 149

LDL Cholesterol
Before = 153
After = 109
Normal range is below 130

Before = 104
After = 91
Normal range is 65-99


I wanted to let you know that Karyn  was so excited today.  She says she has lowered her cholesterol 42 points since taking the fiber and it also curbs her appetite.  No need for statins now.  She is so grateful for me telling her about the fiber.


I am diabetic and have high cholesterol. Since I found out 2 years ago that I am diabetic  I have followed all the diet and exercise that they recommend but my doctor kept having to increase my medications. I saw her in January and things hadn’t changed. When I saw her in April, she came in and said you are doing great, She said I had lost 17 pounds since Jan. and my glucose level was at pre-diabetic levels and my total cholesterol was 100, with the bad cholesterol at 33. She said that was even too low because cardiologists want it at 70. The only thing I had changed was taking liquid zeolite and fiber and a mushroom product.  I am a believer now.  Thank you


I had sold my business and was in the throws of thinking what my next business was going to be. 8 years prior I had started a business, grown it into a multi- million organization and was thinking “what next?” I knew that what ever I did, a huge amount of stress could not be part of the picture. I had been diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol, my LDL (the good cholesterol) ratios were not good, and I had a fatty liver. My liver problem was apparently caused by the different statin medications that I was taking to control my cholesterol and I was a bit overweight. My chance of having a heart attack or stroke was very high. My dad and grandfather died before they were able to enjoy their retirement years. Heredity and stress were huge contributors to my retched health situation. As I worked on losing weight and getting more active, nothing really changed with my Cholesterol and Liver issue. My doctor was baffled as to what her next course of action would be. Life had a way of getting my attention. I had been widowed and remarried. With the celebration of our second anniversary, my dear 2nd husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I had come to terms with the fact I had better find something that works because our blended family could not take anymore losses of one or both parents.

 Then I got a call from a friend of mine I had not spoken to in a while. We met for coffee and she shared some information with me. For some reason the company name stuck with me but I could not place it. I signed up that day thinking that this might help with my cholesterol problem. I flew out a couple of days later to attend a National Conference in  Florida. All fears or thoughts of caution that were attached to my preconceived notions of Network Marketing companies were totally dissipated. I came home ready to build my new business venture. Upon my return from the convention I was sharing my excitement about the company with my husband and all he did was smile. He then told me that this was the supplement his oncologist had shared with him for his cancer and pulmonary problems. We both knew that if it did that for his cancer and lungs, then maybe it could help with my Cholesterol and Fatty Liver problem. 

6 weeks after being on a fiber product,  daily nutrients, a mushroom product and zeolite,  I went in for another blood, urine and liver ultrasound. My doctor was shocked. My cholesterol was down from 339 to 129; my good to bad cholesterol ratio’s were as good as they could be and my fatty liver was no longer fatty. To go from the extreme worry of being a heart attack or stroke statistic to just worrying about how I want the next 25 years of my life to be is HUGE – life changing. I know first hand how quickly life can be lost.

This has not only changed my life, but my husbands and how he sees his cancer. I am enjoying being part of the business team; feeling more secure that both my health and my husbands health are in a more secure position than before thanks to using these products. When we talk about our health we have our ‘before’ the products health and ‘after’ the products health. 

Missy,  San Juan Capistrano,  CA


Only results matter!  My cholesterol was reduced from 205 to 147 in only 6 months. I started consuming a fiber blend with only a “hope it works attitude”.  Now based on results I would recommend a fiber blend to all who have concerns about their cholesterol level. Fiber is for me and should be for all “the first step in trying to lower cholesterol levels before taking dangerous prescription medications.” Kirk E., FL


I went to the doctor today to review my cholesterol.  I’m in good shape.  I went from 242 last fall to 221 in February, to 183 now.  The good has gone up and the bad is now in normal range.  The doctor said great job.  I’m a real believer in the fiber now.  Thanks for helping to make me healthier without prescription medications such as Lipitor.See you soon.   Leslie  California


In December 2004, my total cholesterol was 275 and my bad cholesterol (LDL) was 196. Eight weeks after starting on a fiber blend, my LDL dropped to 142 and my good cholesterol (HDL) increased from the low 30s to 44. My doctor is amazed and so am I.   – Mike S.,  Oregon


I received this testimonial from a friend who just did a follow up visit today. She has been on the special fiber blend for a few months: She says, “I’m in good shape. I went from a total cholesterol of 242 last fall, to 221 in February, to 183 now. The good cholesterol has gone up and the bad is now in the normal range.  The doctor said great job.  I’m a real believer in the fiber now.  Thanks for helping to make me healthier without cholesterol-lowering medication (Lipids).”


Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, and since that time, I have tried virtually every treatment. The first year, my doctor sent me to the “Choose to Lose” weight loss and exercise program at  University Community Hospital, even though I weighed only 127 lbs. at the time. 

After a year of a no fat, mainly vegetarian diet, my total cholesterol was over 400. The good news was that my doctor finally believed it was not my diet; the bad news was that he began prescribing statin drugs. Every drug I tried caused muscle pain or stomach upset, or both. I eventually found that I could take a very low dose of one without significant side effects and was happy to have my cholesterol at 223. However, my doctor was not happy and began urging me to double my dosage in the hopes of getting my total cholesterol below 200.

About that time, June of 2007, I talked to a friend, Vee, about a fiber blend and decided to give it a try rather than increasing my medication. I am thrilled to report that my total cholesterol is below 200 for the first time in twenty years. In March 2007, it was 223, and in November 199, a drop of 24 points! My LDL dropped from 128 to 94.  For me, the combination of a low-dose statin and the fiber blend works.  Jean S.


At the local health fair in April ’08 my cholesterol was 250. My family doctor scared me with the seriousness of his insistence that I needed to act ASAP to bring it down. I have seen all the TV ads on prescription drugs and needed advice. Our son, David, a nurse, was my first call for input. What he shared with me was the turning point in my life health-wise. I ordered liquid zeo to detox, added some daily nutrients to my supplements, and changed my diet. I also use a fiber blend. This is just so awesome! My last cholesterol lab report in November is down to 136!!  These products are the best my husband and I have ever taken. God truly has blessed us through these products.


My name is David W from Huntington Beach,  CA. After using a fiber blend I saw big changes in my cholesterol and triglycerides. Cholesterol:  From 203 to 153 Triglycerides  From 154 to 88 LDL/HDL ratio  4.15 to 1.9 (risk for heart attack and stroke dramatically reduced.) I also lost 9 pounds and feel renewed energy. I also use daily nutrients and a healthy aging product. 

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