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Product Testimonials (Diabetes)

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I recently started my 12 year old daughter Emily on liquid zeolite.  Emily was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic at around age 10,  Type 1 is an auto immune disorder, meaning her pancreas just stopped producing insulin, and she will require insulin supplementation for the rest of her life. 

It is very difficult to keep a tween’s blood sugar in check.   Their bodies are of course, going through major changes and this impacts their insulin needs.  Plus, they love to eat!  Every carbohydrate that Emily eats has to be counteracted with insulin to keep her blood sugar balanced. 

Emily’s blood sugars have been running quite high, and on July 16th she had an A1C test that showed her blood sugar avg as around 275 for the past 90 days.  This is way too high.  We’d like her blood sugar to avg 150 or so.  Also, even more scary is that her lab tests came back indicating she could have have some kidney damage (more tests are needed).    Her doctor thinks she has some insulin resistance – meaning it takes more and more insulin to do the same job. 

I started her on zeolite the day I got the phone call about her lab tests.  We also increased her insulin.   What I have found is that there is a huge difference when she uses the zeolite along with her increased insulin.  My theory has been tested because we’ve gotten busy/ or are away from home/or just plain forgot and she has missed some doses of the zeolite.  She is still getting her beefed up doses of insulin, but there is a huge difference in her numbers.   Without the zeolite her blood sugar will climb way up, and it takes a LONG time to bring it back down with insulin (even with the higher doses of insulin we are using now).   When she takes the zeolite 3x per day, her blood sugar is much easier to control with insulin.

I am very, very pleased.  Preventing kidney disease and other complications of high blood sugar/diabetes is priceless.  Avoiding the “what did you eat/how much insulin did you dose lectures with my daughter is also worth more than I can say!!!   We are having a lot less of those talks since she started taking the zeolite.   She notices the difference too, and now comes to me asking for “those drops”.  How great is that?   Zeolite has definitely improved the quality of her life and we are thrilled!!! Patricia 


I am diabetic and have high cholesterol. Since I found out 2 years ago that I am diabetic  I have followed all the diet and exercise that they recommend but my doctor kept having to increase my medications. I saw her in January and things hadn’t changed. When I saw her in April, she came in and said you are doing great, She said I had lost 17 pounds since Jan. and my glucose level was at pre-diabetic levels and my total cholesterol was 100, with the bad cholesterol at 33. She said that was even too low because cardiologists want it at 70. The only thing I had changed was taking liquid zeolite and fiber and a mushroom product.  I am a believer now.  Thank you


Liz lives in Baltimore and is 88 years old.  She was only on two medications.  One was a blood pressure medication, which was making her very ill.  And she was on a medication for Type II blood sugar issues, and that medication was making her ill.

I started her on the zeolite drops and also a mushroom product, a healthy aging product and a fiber product.  Her blood sugar, which was running into the 120’s came down to the 90’s.  And that is where she is now – she is hovering from the mid-90’s to maybe 104 -105 range, with no medication.

DIABETES – and other multiple conditions     

Hi.  I’m Diane.  I’m a type I insulin-dependent diabetic for over 42 years.  I am using zeolite, a mushroom product, daily nutrients and hope to start on a  fiber product soon.  I am now using 10 units less of insulin per day .  My blood sugar went from 150 to 250 on average down to 90 – 120 consistently.   My hemoglobin a1c as of July was a 7.  Other health challenges – I had acid reflux – that’s gone.  With the zeolite  I no longer have to take any more prilosec.  I no longer take medication for swelling for kidney damage.  My hepatitis B is in total remission.   It doesn’t even show up on the DNA tests.  I have more energy and I feel better than I have in years.  My skin tone has improved and my hair is thicker.  And I don’t get viruses any more.  Thank you.


Until the end of April I was taking another fiber product to control my blood sugar.  I switched to this fiber product on May 1 and instantly saw my blood sugar decrease from 130+ to the low 100’s. Great product for anyone concerned about blood sugar.  All the best, John K


Hello.  My name is Mandy and I’ve been using these products since June of 2006.  Now, when I first got on the zeolite, I got on it for a reason that was other than the type one diabetes that I deal with.  But after I had been on it for about two full months, I went through probably about a 7 – 10 day span of time where I really honestly believe that it had caused my pancreas to start functioning and producing insulin.  Now, when I was first diagnosed with diabetes back in 1965 the doctors told my parents that my pancreas wasn’t completely shut down.  It would start up every once in a while for about a 24 hour span of time.  And that had happened over the years, but it had been a long time since that has happened.  But after I had been on the zeolite for about 2 months, about 8 weeks, I was amazed that I went through the  7 – 10 day span of time where I couldn’t get my glucose levels up above the forty’s.  I mean, this was morning, afternoon and evening.  I remember the feeling that I had, and that feeling was very similar to the previous times when my pancreas had started before, and I thought ‘Wow, is it a possibility that my pancreas could be starting?’  And, I have to say that now, my pancreas isn’t completely functioning yet, but I do take a very small amount of insulin and my hemoglobin A1C levels are somewhere between 6.0 and 6.5.  I’m real thankful for what this product has done for me, and I hope that this can be of some use to other people and also be helpful to other diabetics.  Have a good day.   Bye-bye.”


I’m Wallace H.  I’ve been in the contracting business for 27 years.  Had my own construction company …I kind of burnt the candle at both ends.  My health a couple of years ago turned out to be terrible.  I got introduced to a line of products and at that time I had been diabetic for 10 years.  I was so stiff I couldn’t even bend over in the shower to wash my feet, and I had to fling my sock over my big toe just to be able to put my sock on and was just in terrible, terrible shape.  My feet hurt with every step and then I got introduced to the products, as I say.   And in about a month I started feeling a lot more limber and after 6 months I went back to the doctor and I was no longer diabetic.  The same doctor that put me on ten years earlier took me off after 6 months on the product.  I dropped about 15 pounds, my feet didn’t hurt anymore.  I became as limber as a 16-year-old and gained about 10 – 15 years of youth in my body.   The products are absolutely wonderful, and it’s made a new man out of me.  Thanks.


For ten years I was diabetic and on the prescription Metformin. Two years ago I had peripheral neuropathy and my feet hurt and burned with every step. I had arthritis so badly that I could not bend over in the shower and wash my feet. To put my socks on, I had to sling my sock over and hope to hit my big toe to pull it on. I had high cholesterol and was on a statin drug. I had no energy. After one month on the products my energy began to come back and my arthritis and burning feet began to feel better. 

After six months on these products, I was no longer diabetic. The same doctor that had put me on Metformin ten years earlier, took me off. My HBA1C1 levels, which are the gauge for diabetes, reduced from 6.0 to 4.9. Anything below 5.0 is not diabetic. My feet did not hurt anymore. My arthritis went away and I still feel like a 16 year old.  I am no longer on my statin drug for cholesterol since my levels dropped.  I lost 15 pounds naturally.  I believe that I have gained at least 15 years of youthfulness in my body and my energy level is fantastic!


I am Type II diabetic and my normally controlled blood sugar readings run between 106-115 before eating in the morning.  This is controlled somewhat by taking an antihyperglycemic (Glucophage) medication every night. I started taking a fiber blend supplement on the 6th of September.  My readings have been decreasing on a daily basis, averaging around 90-94.  For the past 4 days I have had readings in the 80’s.  I have not taken the antihyperglycemic (Glucophage) for about a week.   This is phenomenal and is really confusing my diabetic advisor Dan M,  Arizona


“Hello.  This is Lyle from Fort St. John,  BC.  I am 45 years old.  I have type one diabetes, several medical issues.  abusacapsolitis of the right shoulder, Crohn’s and IBS (that’s irritated bowel syndrome) I have had a horrible time with my diabetes in the last two years. My average blood sugar has been around 10 ½ m— per decimeter.  After being for about a month on zeolite, my average blood sugar has dropped two full points, my hemoglobin A1C, according to my doctor, has dropped a full ½ a point down to 8.4 which I’m extremely happy with.  I am no longer spilling protein into my kidneys.  And I feel so much better.  I’m not stiff in the morning.  It’s just amazing.  Thank you, for everything.

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