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Product Testimonials (Headaches)

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Sample product testimonials from our friends at


I live in a very toxic province because there is always a lot of spraying of farmers’ fields.  I grew up on a farm and my father used a lot of those sprays, so I knew I had to be toxic.  I suffered with migraine headaches for twenty-some years.  I would spend 3-4 days a month stuck in bed with a headache, and it’s gone.  The first 15 drops of liquid zeolite I took eased my headache, and I’ve never had one come back.


Peggy introduced me to these products and WOW – I’ve had results in only two weeks. Using the zeolite and mushroom drops, I have been headache free for over 10 days.  Can you imagine, after nearly 30 years, every single morning waking up with a headache, or most of the time a migraine.  My bad skin is clearing up and my boyfriend says I am looking younger.  I am also putting on weight.   I had gotten down to 105 pounds, and now I am 120.  So, something is working.  It’s been a long time since I got up in the morning and felt so wonderful.  I’m Linda, from Langley, British Columbia, Canada.  Thanks!


And then, also headaches.  I would almost always wake up with a headache.  I’d get headaches throughout the day, get them in the evening, and I think I’ve just come to realize that it had to have been the zeolite and daily nutrients that got rid of them.


“Hi.  My name is Kim.  My testimonial is in relation to headaches.  I suffered from migraines years ago, and over the years learned to control them and minimize a little bit the severity of them through changing my diet.  But still having headaches literally daily, taking a minimum of two aspirin every day, like the Excedrin Migraine or the Extra Strength equivalent from WalMart or wherever.  And, had to have – take two, at least, a day, sometimes four, waking up in the morning with headaches, getting one in the middle of the afternoon, sometimes in the evening.  It just didn’t matter when. 

And, finally, I think I realized it had to be the toxins in my system, because I started on the zeolite product about two weeks prior to the Conference, back in mid-March, so it had been around the first of March I got on the products and have been using them ever since. And, I’ve probably taken aspirin now two or three times in that whole time frame.  So, I’m just ecstatic about the results.  Cleaning the toxins out of my body and minimizing these headaches has been wonderful.  I can get through a day a lot better now.  And I just want to thank you for the wonderful line of products.  It has been a wonderful addition for me and my body, and, just cleaning out toxins, and feeling better all the way around.  Thanks again.  


I have to tell you…

I think the daily nutrients are amazing.  The way I felt yesterday I thought for sure I would be migraine city today but nope…I still just feel great.  I don’t need as much sleep and don’t wake up feeling  tired.

I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this “rebirth.”  Peggy may be “like a rock” but I see myself “as a tree”.  Strong roots…strong trunk…strong branches..and new leaves just reaching to the light. 

Oh, and someone described Zeolite as “pacman” snarfing up the bad stuff…I thought that was a hoot!


Hi.  I’m Chris, and I’m from  Florence, Alabama.  I have been very excited about a company and their products.  The one product that I have seen the most results with is zeolite.  This product has helped me tremendously with my migraine headaches.  I very rarely get them anymore, whereas before I used to get them 2 or 3 times a month for 3 and 4 days at a time.  It would be so debilitating that I would have to go to my room, shut the lights off and be very quiet for a long time.  Now I just take zeolite every day and I no longer get these headaches.  I am very thankful.

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